Beginner’s Guide to Outsmart PPC Competitors

With enough practise and a clever PPC strategy, you can beat the competition. It’s often said that a bit of rivalry is good for business, think of KFC V.S. McDonalds, Coca-Cola V.S. Pepsi and Xbox V.S. PlayStation.

Outsmart PPC Competitors

Of course, part of business is beating your competitors to your target audience, and you can do that with the help of PPC advertising.

While there is no set strategy to outsmart PPC competitors, there are a few key tips that will help you to keep ahead of the opposition and maximise your return on investment.

1. Understand the Competition

You should be keeping tabs on your competition to see what keywords they’re using and how much traffic they’re generating. How are they using them? What language are they using in their ads?

It’s vital you understand who you’re competing against so you can optimise your own strategy. When you have a better idea of what you’re up against, you have a better chance of altering your own strategy and campaign to beat your competitors to the punch.

2. Consider What Your Competitor’s Are Offering

Your target audience probably click on a few different links to view offers online before they decide. For example, they may view your competitor’s prices and offers before returning to the search results page and clicking on your ad.

To outsmart PPC competitors, consider looking at:

  • – What your competitior’s biggest strengths are
  • – How your prices compare
  • – How your quality compares
  • – How your products compare
  • – How your landing pages are different
Outsmart PPC Competitors

Once you have completed your research, consider reviewing what you’re offering and analyse your landing page to see how you can standout and advertise your key selling point.

3. Experiment with a Different Search Engine

Most advertisers use Google for their PPC campaigns – but there are other search engines to consider.

Take Bing, for example. Bing has 873,964,000 searches a day. Yes, Google has over 5 times as much, but if you don’t advertise on Bing, you’re not reaching your entire potential audience.

Bing could be an excellent alternative or addition to your Google PPC campaigns, which could help you to reach more of your target audience with less competition.

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4. Make Use of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions could be a very useful component to your PPC campaigns. They allow businesses to share extra information or to extend their ads on search results.

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5. Keep Up-to-Date with Our Latest PPC Blogs

To outsmart PPC competition, it’s important you have a go-to resource for PPC information.

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Leave Your PPC Campaigns to Us

Your competition will be regularly optimizing their PPC campaigns, and you should be too. Consider our 5 tips to outsmart PPC competitors above.

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