Are You Making These Common PPC Mistakes?PPC Mistakes

In this article, we will be detailing the top PPC mistakes so you can avoid damaging your campaigns in the future.

When it comes to PPC, every click really counts.

The plethora of conflicting advice surrounding PPC advertising can be confusing. With so much contradictory guides out there, it’s so easy to make PPC mistakes which effect the success of your campaign.

1. Having No Plan

Operating without a clear plan or even knowing why you’re running a PPC campaign is very risky. It’s one of the costliest mistake’s businesses can make – you’ll be paying for clicks without knowing what it is you want from them.

For your PPC campaign to work, it’s important you have a clear strategy that clearly defines your target audience and how you’re planning to reach them.

For your PPC campaign, you should consider elements like:

  • – What’s the purpose of launching a PPC campaign?
  • – Who your target audience are
  • – What you’re offering
  • – How you’re planning to reach them
  • – What you want them to do after landing on your web page

For more in-depth detail, head over to our previous blog post: How to Plan a PPC Campaign

2. No Clear Conversion Funnel

Before you even start creating your ads, its crucial you have a conversion funnel ready.

No matter what style your campaign is, you should always test and analyse your conversion funnel before going live. This will help you to avoid throwing away money on a campaign that won’t generate any return on investment.

3. Operating a 24/7 Campaign

Optimise your settings for the days and times that are most effective for your business and your target audience.

Monitor your reports to discover the best times when your ads see results. You might need to experiment before you find the best times, but it’s better for your ads to be running when they convert the best.

4. Not Having a Personalised Landing Page

No campaign is the same – which means not all traffic should be directed to the same landing page.

To improve your chances of converting customers and generating ROI, it’s important your landing page is relevant to what you promised in the ads.

5. Misleading Your Visitors

To improve your chances of converting customers and generating ROI, it’s important your landing page is relevant to what you promised in the ads.

Don’t send your traffic to your home page unless it’s necessary – make specific pages for each campaign so you can keep an eye on your ad spend efficiency as well as being able to measure your success.

6. Having a Broad AudiencePPC Mistakes

Targeting a big, popular audience will only result in you paying a tonne of money to get the traffic. It’s important your ads target your specific market and ensure the visitors to your website are the ones you want.

But, targeting too niche an audience isn’t wise either. If your audience is too refined, your campaign will most likely get little traffic and little results.


The PPC mistakes we’ve highlighted are simple – but they’re also simple to fix.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re experienced in PPC, it’s important you take on board our common mistakes and avoid them when running your own PPC campaign. Even amending just one mistake can make a positive impact to the clicks and results you get.

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