A Simple Guide to ‘Legitimate Interests’ and Marketing Following on from my previous blog post, “What Does GDPR Mean for Marketing?” it’s important that marketers know how to use legitimate interests for marketing purposes. After GDPR has come in to effect on the 25th May 2018, marketers will need to adapt their practises to comply with the new privacy rights for individuals and understand what is considered as lawful grounds for processing personal information. I’ll

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It’s Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategies under GDPR If you’re a marketer or a business owner, by now you must be aware of GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation). If you aren’t, you need to check out our blog posts right away. Here’s what you might have missed so far; Getting Started with GDPR Are You Ready for GDPR? 6 Steps to Prepare Your Business for GDPR GDPR will likely affect the way marketers

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How to Prepare Your Business for GDPR GDPR will put consumers in full control, and businesses will have to comply with the regulations from the 25th May 2018. If your business is complying fully with the current Data Protection ACT, DPA, then you’re already along the right lines. Many of GDPR’s key principles are almost identical to our current legislation, with a few additional components. So, if you’ve been following the current regulations, as you

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Is Your Business Ready for GDPR? The 25th May might seem like a while away, but it’s better to prepare now than leaving it until the last minute. But is your business ready for GDPR? It’s crucial you know the facts, so you act accordingly. Who Will It Affect? Whoever handles personal data. It isn’t just big businesses with masses of data that GDPR will impact. No matter how small your business may be, if

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Knowing the Basics of GDPR The 25th May 2018 is coming around fast. In case you aren’t already aware, this is the date that will provoke a big change for companies across the UK. Affecting how they handle and use personal information. What is GDPR? After four years of preparation and plenty of debates, GDPR was finally approved on the 14th April 2016 by the EU Parliament – which will be enforced from the 25th

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