Right Audience on The Google Display Network

How to Target the Right Audience on The Google Display Network Unlike ads on the Google Search Network, display ads are not delivered to people who are actively looking for something. Instead, they’re placed on websites, apps and other platforms to distract users from their current activity and draw their attention to the ad. What is the Google Display Network? Just like Google Ads, the Google Display Network is designed to help your advertisements reach

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Location Targeting on Google

The Fundamentals of Location Targeting on Google Essentially, location targeting on Google is crucial if you want to get the most of your ad spend and avoid wasting your budget. By the end of this guide, you will know: 1. How location targeting on Google works2. 3 top tips for your location targeting3. How to improve your targeting with local extensions4. How Different Gravy Digital can better your campaigns It’s very unlikely that your ads

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Google Ads Mistakes

8 Costly Google Ads Mistakes Businesses are always on the look out to get the most out of their advertising budget. Google Ads is a popular (and very effective) platform to drive targeted clicks to a landing page and transforming the clicks into conversions. But there are a number of Google Ads features that can really hinder the performance of a campaign and waste the ad spend. Are your Google Ads campaign getting the results

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Google Remarketing

Getting Started with the Basics of Google Remarketing There are several ways you can drive traffic to your website and persuade visitors to convert. One such way is by running a remarketing campaign on Google Ads. Remarketing is a method to connect with people who have already interacted with your website or mobile app. It enables businesses to strategically position their ads in front of their past website visitors as they browse Google and its

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Broad Match Keywords

Beginner’s Guide to Using Broad Match Keywords Our question is, should businesses use broad match keywords in their paid search campaigns? One of the key selling points for investing in paid search is the level of quality in which businesses can target their audience, if they know the concept of intent. Paid search experts all have different approaches to launching campaigns, testing keywords and different match types. While opinions may be different this doesn’t necessarily

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LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

All You Need to Know About LinkedIn Ad Campaigns Are you ready to attract more leads and achieve your marketing goals with the world’s largest professional network? What really sets LinkedIn ad campaigns apart from other social media advertising platforms (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) is their B2B targeting options. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for businesses to advertise to other businesses. LinkedIn users are professionals who use the platform for several reasons. They could

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Facebook Split Testing

The Basics of Facebook Split Testing The Facebook split testing (A/B testing) features enables businesses to run more data-driven campaigns. Advertisers can answer important questions about different components of their campaigns as opposed to just assuming what works and what doesn’t. The feature compares different versions of your ad so you can be confident of which style performs best and improve your future campaigns. For example, you can test the same ad on two different

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Google Ads Metrics

How to Monitor and Improve Your Google Ads Metrics If you want to achieve your Google Ads goals, you will need to regularly review and refine your account’s performance. One way to do so is by monitoring and improving your Google Ads metrics. Monitoring your Google Ads metrics should be part of your regularly routine. With a tonne of information available for you to analyse – Google ads enables you to analyse campaigns, explore individual

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Improve Your Click Through Rate

Effective Tips to Increase Your Click Through Rate How do you get more clicks on PPC ads? This is a dilemma that every business struggles with. Luckily, there are experts like us who know how to drive traffic from your PPC ads and improve your click through rate! Your click through rate is one of the most important metrics you can measure during your paid advertising campaign. Why? Because the higher your click through rate,

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A B Testing for Paid Advertising

Beginner’s Guide to A / B Testing for Paid Advertising The best practises for paid advertising are always evolving. It’s paramount that businesses evolve their approach too. The continuous process of optimisation should be built upon a firm framework of testing and experimenting with different ad copy and styles. A / B testing for paid advertising is relatively simple to other forms of experimenting, mostly because there are a limited number of things to test.

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