Customer Segmentation

Beginner’s Guide to Customer Segmentation One of the toughest challenges businesses face is knowing how to tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups in their target audience. To build a business, push conversions and raise ROI, businesses need to focus on meeting the needs of specific sub groups of consumers rather that treating their market as a broad group of potential customers.  The way to do so is through customer segmentation. What is Customer Segmentation?

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Getting Started with Moz Pro Moz Pro has all the must-have tools for SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. Businesses can introduce Moz Pro into their marketing strategy to increase their SEO ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) and keep a close eye on their competitor’s. What is Moz Pro? It’s a subscription-based product which offers businesses all the tools they need to run an effective SEO campaign for their own website and client’s. The most


What You Need to Know About Page Authority In our previous blog post, “Beginner’s Guide to Domain Authority” we discussed the importance of implementing SEO tactics, particularly link building, to boost a website’s Domain Authority Score. Domain Authority is the score of the entire website, where as Page Authority is more specific. If you haven’t yet read our blogs about link building, you can catch up here; - What is Link Building? - The Top

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