Image Optimisation

How to Improve Your SEO With Image Optimisation There are loads of features to SEO, and some of the smaller steps to optimising a website often slip through the cracks. Image optimisation is one of those small steps as taking the time to optimise your images can result in a greater ranking on SERPs, more traffic and better results. When we think about SEO, we often think about just text and targeted keywords, but images

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How to Optimise URLs for SEO And Readers It’s important to optimise URLs, both for readers and search engines. A URL holds much more than a unique address for a webpage on the internet. It offers signals that helps search engines interpret the content of a page, its purpose and its target audience. Like all signals, some can be informative and strong, and some can be misleading and poor. Take a look as we share

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Right Keyword Matches

What Are The Different Keyword Match Types? When choosing the keywords for your PPC campaign on Google Ads, it’s important you pay attention to the match types you are choosing. The keywords you select can make or break your campaign – so it’s vital you pick the right ones. In today’s article, we will be detailing what match types are and what you should consider when selecting your own. If you’re unfamiliar with PPC campaigns,

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Your Guide to Creating Title Tags Powerful SEO is a mix of different features, one of which is your title tags. If you’re familiar with SEO, you’ll know that title tags are important to fully optimise your web pages. In today’s article, we will be covering: 1. What is a Title Tag? 2. How to Write Your Own Title Tags 3. Your Title Tag Checklist 1. What’s a Title Tag? It’s a HTML element that

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301 Redirects

Your Guide to 301 Redirects and How and When to Use Them Discover the what, why and how of 301 redirects.   Forwarding your mail to your new address is crucial when you’re moving to a new house, it ensures that you don’t lose any important information. You wouldn't just abandon all your letters, you would want them to be directly delivered to your new location. Well the same goes for websites, if you’re moving

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URL Structure

Beginners Guide to Building a URL Structure As you know, first impressions really do matter. And your URL structure is often one of the first things consumers see on search engine result pages. Your URL structure is one of the most fundamental stages of SEO - it’s an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a successful web page. By the end of this article, you will know: 1. What a URL

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Duplicate Content

Your Guide to Duplicate Content Time and time again we hear that websites shouldn’t have duplicate content. While many businesses know that their website shouldn’t have duplicate content, it’s often the case they don’t know what it is or how it implicates their website. Keep reading to find out exactly what duplicate content is, how it may affect your SEO and how you can fix the issue. What is Duplicate Content? Google Support offers a

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Right Keywords for SEO

How to Select the Right Keywords Choosing the right keywords is one of the most crucial steps in SEO. Choosing the right keywords has been a necessary step of both search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid adverting (PPC). Keywords are what consumers enter into search engines to find your products, services and answers to questions. But choosing the right keywords is not a simple task, search behaviour is always evolving, and it can be a

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Meta Descriptions

Beginner’s Guide to Meta Descriptions Optimised meta descriptions have a crucial role in getting search engine visitors to click on your links. Think of them as mini-ads, the better optimised they are the more you can influence consumer behaviour and raise your CTR. In this article, we’ll be covering: 1. What is a meta description? 2. Do meta descriptions impact SEO? 3. Our top tips for creating meta descriptions 1. What is a Meta Description?

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Take a Look as We Answer Popular Questions About SEO We’ll be covering the most common questions asked about SEO, so you can have a sound understanding of how it works. SEO can seem extremely confusing to outsiders. There are plenty of how-to guides out there produced by experts, but often they end up disagreeing with one another with biased opinions. And to make it worse, Google have a habit of changing their algorithm regularly

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