What Happens Now Instagram Is Removing Likes?

Instagram surprised the digital world with its announcement that they are testing removing like counts and video view counts from posts in feeds. Following a number of tests, the decision was made to make posting on Instagram less about being a competition for likes and more about creating quality content and connections.

Instagram Removing Likes

The changes in Instagram’s algorithm (which is still rolling out) mean users will no longer view the exact number of likes on another user’s Instagram post. As an alternative, it will display a username followed by “and others” below the post. Users can click on “and others”, to view a list of people who’ve liked that post, but not a numeric “like” count. 

Instagram’s reasoning for this is to help make social media a mentally healthier place for young people

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri has said, “We want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they’re getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about.”

But the action can also impact businesses too.

What Should Brands Do Now?

Engagement metrics, including likes, can act as strong ‘social proof’ that can massively influence how a business thinks they are performing on Instagram.

But, the long-term effects of Instagram hiding likes are not known, less visibility of likes has the potential to positively impact businesses across the world. It will level the playing field for businesses who are smaller or less well known, so that consumers judge the brand based on the quality of their content instead of the quantity of likes.

Brands sometimes prioritise likes and superficial metrics over creating meaningful content that creates real relationships with their audience. To benefit from Instagram removing likes, brands should take a moment to review and re-examine the value that they offer their consumers. The more value they offer, the more advantageous Instagram will be for driving solid connections, enquiries and conversions.

What Can Businesses Do Now Instagram Is Removing Likes

1. Share Content That Sparks Conversation

Create content that compels comments from users. Take a step back to produce content that encourages your audience to leave a comment or send a direct message. Consider:

  • – Post questions
  • – Exclusive business updates
  • – Details on an upcoming event
  • – Tag other relevant users
  • – Sharing entertaining GIFs
  • – Utilise Instagram’s Other Features

2. Utilise Instagram’s Other Features

To generate engagement and create value on Instagram, you are not limited to organic posts.

Advertising on Instagram can really make a big, positive impact to businesses who use it wisely. Particularly with the decline of organic reach on social media platforms, brands should be upping their game and investing in paid advertising to reach their target audience and achieve their objectives.

The number of ad formats offer new opportunities for businesses like yours to deliver successful campaigns online. With more than one billion monthly users, Instagram offers an unmissable chance for you to reach a high number of people by utilising one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

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3. Utilise Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories for business is a no brainer, it’s an effective way to engage with your target audience and it’s straight forward to share content.

Stories are Instagram’s extra feature that allows users and businesses to share content that will disappear after 24 hours. Users can post pictures or short videos on to their Instagram story with the option to add text overlays and drawing tools.

They feature at the very top of newsfeeds, with the newest stories at the front of the queue, once a user has viewed a story it goes to the back of the queue.

4. Regularly Review Analytics

Instagram Insights are based on solid facts, so it’s down to your business to interpret what the statistics mean and how they can improve their strategy.

Instagram Removing Likes

Your analytics are found within Instagram Insights, they provide the information on who is following you, when they’re online and plenty more. Discover metrics for certain posts and stories to compare how well they have performed and access insights on your overall account, posts and stories.

Here’s a breakdown of the Instagram analytics you can expect to see:

  • Discovery: view how many people have seen your content and how they found it
  • Reach: the number of individual accounts who have viewed your post or stories
  • Impressions: the amount of times your posts and stories were on-screen
  • Interactions: measures your engagement, including website clicks and profile visits

Expect Change and Be Prepared to Evolve

Social media platforms are always changing. Instagram, like all social media platforms, is constantly progressing and continuously rolling out new changes to their algorithm.

As more brands flock to Instagram for their marketing strategy, its important brands be flexible and adjust to changes.