Skype for Business; the Best Professional Online Meetings Skype is the video conferencing king. Skype for Business will enable you to easily connect with others across your organisation and anyone in the world. What is Skype for Business? It’s exactly the same as normal Skype, expect it has extra features to meet business needs. For those of you who don’t know, Skype is software that allows you to conduct video & voice calls, send instant

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An Introduction to Using Trello for Business Are you and your team managing a lot of projects? Do you want to track your team’s workflow? Trello is brilliant for Project Management. What is Trello? Trello makes collaboration easy, it’s an app for visually tracking you and your team’s progress. Users can see who’s working on what to keep everyone in the loop. The simplest way to describe Trello is like an online whiteboard filled with

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How to Use My Minutes for Business My Minutes could be the app to keep you on target, focused and motivated. Do you think there’s enough hours in the day? Do you find it challenging to find enough time to complete every task on your to-do list? As a business, there’s a lot of demand on your time and how fast you can deliver. Everybody can find it hard to stay focused; perhaps you’ve come

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