Tips for Customer Segmentation

Take a look at our top tips for customer segmentation to give you a kick-start. Customer segmentation is crucial for effectively marketing to everyone in your target audience. It helps us focus our message to the specific person it reaches, as well as ensuring every message you deliver is valuable and serves a purpose. In this article we’ll be giving you our top tips for customer segmentation for you to make the most out of

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Not Generating Leads

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads Your website is one of the most crucial lead generating tools you can have. If your website is not generating leads, is generating low-quality leads, or you’re experiencing a lead generation dry spell, don’t panic. Because there is usually a reason why this is the case and an easy solution to the problem. In our article, we will be discussing the typical reasons why websites

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Top 5 Methods to Keep Sales Leads Warm One of the most challenging parts of lead generation is keeping your sales leads warm. Some leads might show some interest at the start and then decide they don’t want to make a purchase at the moment. Some will show interest and enquire further about your products and service then you’ll never hear from them again. Some may enquire and ignore all your attempts at communication. 80%