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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Generating Leads

Your website is one of the most crucial lead generating tools you can have. If your website is not generating leads, is generating low-quality leads, or you’re experiencing a lead generation dry spell, don’t panic. Because there is usually a reason why this is the case and an easy solution to the problem.

In our article, we will be discussing the typical reasons why websites generate low-quality leads and how you can fix them.

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Why Websites is Not Generating Leads

1. Is Your CTA Clear?

Visitors might not be completing contact forms / sign up forms because they don’t know they can. You’re call-to-action, CTA, needs to be bold, obvious and attention-grabbing. If you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, tell them! ‘Signup to Our Newsletter’. Do you want visitors to complete a contact form, try a CTA like, “Contact Us”?

Not Generating Leads The whole point of CTA’s is that they’re to the point. Keep them clear and precise.

2. Do Your Social Media Campaigns Link to Your Website?

Put your social media following to good use and promote visits to your website. Whilst social media does have other purposes apart from lead generation, it’s a powerful platform to promote your website, contact form or signup form. Share your blogs, competitions, webinars and newsletters to your social media so you can maximise your awareness.

3. Do You Have a Landing Page?

Landing pages are so effective because they only have one purpose – to convert visitors into leads.

Don’t over-whelm visitors to your landing page with a busy web-page. Your page only needs 3 key features:

  • – Mobile responsiveness for mobile consumers
  • – Clearness
  • – Simplicity

We’ve discussed landing pages are length in a previous blog post. To learn more, head over to , “How to Make Your Landing Page Work”.

4. Do You Have a Page All About You?Not Generating Leads

According to KoMarketing, 52% of visitors want to see “about us” information. If you’ve neglected your About Us page, then that could be the cause of low-quality, or no, leads.

Let people know who you are and what you do. Its important consumers trust a business, and there’s no better page to learn more about a company than their About Us page. You should include the basic information and then make your page your own;

  • – Who are you?
  • – Why consumers should use your business?
  • – What you do?
  • – What’s your story?
  • – Where are you based?
  • – Who works at your business?

You don’t necessarily need all the above information on one About Us page but featuring it on your website gives consumers insight to your brand.

5. Are Your Images Optimised?

Do images really impact generating leads? They do according to Adobe, apparently a staggering 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load!

Equally, your website needs to quickly load to keep consumer’s attention.

You can check out our blog post, “4 Tips to Speed up Your Website” to you can better your images and loading time.

Why is My Website Not Generating Leads?

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