Take a look at our top tips for customer segmentation to give you a kick-start.Tips for Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is crucial for effectively marketing to everyone in your target audience. It helps us focus our message to the specific person it reaches, as well as ensuring every message you deliver is valuable and serves a purpose.

In this article we’ll be giving you our top tips for customer segmentation for you to make the most out of your marketing strategy.

As you know segmenting drives focus from your marketing team, so you can develop influential messages that will push conversions, sales and ROI.

Top Tips for Customer Segmentation

1. Establish Clear Goals

Like any marketing strategy, customer segmentation requires refined goals.

What is it you’re trying to achieve? Whether it be to generate leads, pushing conversions or generating sales, you need to clearly know what you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re at a loss, review your other marketing goals and see how customer segmentation could help you meet them.

2. Don’t Give Up At the First Hurdle

Perhaps your first attempt at market segmentation is a dead end, but it’s crucial you keep trying until you have focused segments that deliver results.

Maybe you’ve segmented your audience based on buying habits, but possibly dividing people based on location will help you reach your goals.

Tips for Customer Segmentation3. Don’t Go OTT

It’s easy to go over-board and over-segment your audience.

If you struggle to describe your segment with 2 / 3 adjectives, then your segment is too complex.

For example, if you’re segmenting based on buying habits you don’t need separate segments for consumers who have bought 1 week ago, and another for 2 weeks ago and another segment for 3 weeks ago. Just bundle them into one and label them recent purchasers.

Customer segmentation needs to be practical. You want to be targeted, but not so refined that you’ll spend a huge amount of money, time and effort delivering separate styles of marketing.

Have You Thought of A/B Testing?

Customer segmentation could take a bit of trial and error to start seeing good results, so you may want to consider A/B testing when you’re getting started.

If you don’t want to experiment marketing styles with all of your customer base, then begin with a handful and see how it goes. Here’s the blogs we’ve produced on A/B testing:

You’re Not Done YetTips for Customer Segmentation

Like a lot in marketing, segmentation isn’t a one-stop thing.

Monitor, evaluate, re-evaluate and repeat on a permanent cycle. This will help you to plan future segmentation marketing campaigns and develop from your previous efforts. Stick to our 3 top tips for customer segmentation and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

There’s no doubt about it that customer segmentation takes time and commitment, but can you dedicate your precious time when there’s so much else to be done? Let us help.

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