How to Develop Your Own Keyword StrategyKeyword Strategy

Developing a keyword strategy is crucial to create powerful SEO campaigns. Your keyword strategy should involve targeted keywords that drive the right traffic to your website. Having the right keyword strategy can really make all the difference in your campaigns, they influence how well you rank on SERPs and how useful search engines think your content is.

In todays article, we will be detailing our top tips so you can develop your own keyword strategy.

1. Place Your Keywords Strategically

Don’t place keywords in your content when they don’t fit.

Aim to naturally include keywords in your content, and if you can’t fit them in – then review the ones you’re using and possibly select new ones.

For more information about keyword placement, check out our blog post, Where to Place Keywords For Website Optimisation.

2. Use a Mix of Keywords

Don’t just stick to singular or short keywords, mix it up with long-tail ones too.

Short keywords are often incredibly competitive, and you might find it difficult to have your content ranked highly on SERPs. For example, a lot of people search for “swimming lessons”, but less people search for “how to learn backstroke” (an example of a long-tail keyword).

The more you understand about your target audience, the more you can use long-tail keywords to bring in targeted traffic to your website.

In short, don’t concentrate all your efforts and tools on targeting one style of keyword. If you do, you could get no results.

3. Don’t Overdo itKeyword Strategy

It can seem like a smart idea to target a tonne of keywords. But you might see better results from refining your list and putting all your effort into optimising a handful of them.

Even if you don’t narrow down your list, its important you always check the keywords you’re using still have a good search volume. Keywords go in and out of popularity all the time, so keep reviewing them regularly.

The Bottom Line

Your keyword strategy needs to be reviewed regularly.

The greatest keyword strategies are regularly updated and rely on highly targeted keywords, which are terms that closely reflect your business and products / services.

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