Top 3 Benefits of Bidding on Your Own Brand Name

Why would anyone bid on their brand name?

Bid on Your Brand Name

Especially since most brands already rank at the very top of search engine result pages for their brand name. But if you don’t bid on your brand terms, there could be some quality traffic and benefits you’re missing out on.

To discover whether you should bid on your own brand terms, first consider what happens when you enter your company name.

Just because you don’t bid on your company name doesn’t mean your competitors don’t.

As you know, relevant paid ads appear at the very top of search engine result pages, so ensure you have the best visibility and avoid competitors from taking your limelight.

But what if you’re performing well in organic searches and you’re already at the top of search results for your branded terms anyway? Here’s the benefits you could be missing out on.

1. Dominating the Search Page

Including your own brand name in your PPC campaign will take up more space on the first page of search engine result pages. If consumers see the same brand name featured several times on a search page, it acts as validation for the business, raises your brand awareness and gives reassurance to users that you’re a legitimate business.

2. Greater Control

Organic pages on search results usually feature the title of the page, a URL and meta description. With a PPC ad, you have more flexibility of what your website link will look like for users.

PPC ads give you the chance to advertise your web page with a more persuading and intriguing message which can promote offers, discounts and exclusive deals.

If you opt for ad extensions, you can include your contact details, special offers, links to other products or services to increase the likely hood of conversions.

3. Boosting Your Quality Score

Bid on Your Brand Name

Your own branded terms are going to be extremely relevant, which means to bid on your brand terms could result in high quality scores.

Successful campaigns with high quality scores mean that the next time the account launches a campaign it is likely be considered positively. With a good reputation, it’s possible you can boost the quality score for your next campaigns – which results in higher rankings, more traffic and an increase in conversions.

Should You Bid on Your Brand Terms?

Every business and PPC account are unique, the best way to find out whether bidding on your brand terms works for you is to test it.

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