The Importance of Negative Keywords in Google Ads

Google Ads can often be a complicated process which involves continuous monitoring of every keyword you’re using to make sure you’re achieving the best ROI. There are countless ways you can optimise your PPC campaigns, one of which many businesses forget to utilise.

Negative Keywords

One of the biggest issue’s businesses find with PPC advertising is wasting their money on irrelevant traffic. Using negative keywords in Google Ads can save businesses a lot of money, since they’re specifying which keywords and phrases that they do not want their ads appearing on.

To learn more about the basics of using negative keywords in Google Ads and how to build your own list, check out our previous blog post.

Top 5 Reasons Negative Keywords in Google Ads Are Important

1. Increased CTRs

By removing search queries that are not relevant to your campaign, you are increasing the relevancy of your keywords which will result in better CTRs (click-through-rate).

2. Increased Conversion Rates

By creating a negative keywords list, you are ensuring that qualified traffic is coming to your site, which increases the likelihood that they will convert.

3. Saving You Money

Your ROI and conversion rate should be a component that you’re analysing constantly.  

Negative keywords will help you save money on:

– Search queries that are not relevant to the services / products that you offer

– Searches are that are irrelevant to your campaign

– Traffic that’s costing money but not converting

– Eliminating Competitor Brands

If a consumer is directly searching for your competitor, then usually you’re facing a losing battle. The use of a brand name usually means the consumer has made their mind up as to who to purchase from, so cut your losses and don’t waste money.


How and when you use negative keywords in Google Ads will vary from campaign to campaign. The best way to eliminate irrelevant traffic and to avoid wasting money is to implement negative keywords on all your PPC campaigns.

Negative Keywords

Businesses sometimes don’t implement negative keywords, either because they don’t know how to build a list or because they forget, and then wonder why their ads are not leading to quality traffic. But we can do it for you.

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