Getting Started with Click Fraud

One of the biggest reservation’s businesses can have about investing in PPC is the worry of click fraud. While you may think the hesitation is dramatic, it’s actually a valid concern. But, the worry of potential click fraud is no reason to avoid investing in PPC marketing.

Are you worried about click fraud? Or perhaps you don’t know what it is? Take a look as we clear things up.

What is Click Fraud?Click Fraud

It’s when individuals, automated software or online bots click on a website’s PPC advertisements to increase the number of clicks.

The online advertiser’s ad is repeatedly clicked on to generate fraudulent charges, which may increase advertising costs, decrease conversion rates and invalidate data.

Typical indicators include:

  • Several clicks from similar ISPs (internet service provider) that have not resulted in conversions
  • Anomalies in data that seem unusual or cannot be explained
  • Large increases in search costs that are very unexpected

Usually, click fraud is committed for two motivations:

  1. Businesses are driving up their competitor’s ad costs with the intent to fill their budget caps
  2. PPC managers are clicking on their own ads to boost the CTR to positively reflect on their performance

Our Top Tips to Avoid Click Fraud

1. Adjust Your Ad Targeting

Sometimes, all you need to do is slightly edit your targeting to avoid getting further invalid clicks.

If you suspect fraud is being committed at a click farm, for example, consider excluding the location. Alternatively, if you think a competitor is the cause of your invalid clicks, then exclude their IP address.

Remember that eliminating locations and IP addresses ensures the traffic you’re generating is high-quality and is likely to convert.

2. Keep Monitoring

How are you supposed to know something is wrong if you don’t check?

Keep a close eye on your campaigns, check them routinely and watch out for any clicks that seem suspicious. Software like Google AdWords have tools to help you and have their own measures in place to prevent click fraud from happening.

3. Set Different Bid Prices

Limit the financial risk that comes with click fraud by reducing the amount you are willing to pay per click. Reduce your exposure (while still targeting high-quality traffic) by limiting your placement on websites.

When you set up your ad campaigns through Google, you can avoid sites that generate unethical revenue. Instead of targeting “just any” website, avoid being sabotaged by focusing on high-value websites.

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