When You Should Pause Your PPC Campaigns

Whether is due to holidays, time constraints or simply not being able to cope with consumer demand, there are numerous reasons why businesses decide to temporarily pause your PPC campaigns. Perhaps there are issues with the campaign itself – like the landing page isn’t converting or your targeted keywords are not performing.

With PPC advertising, it’s important you know when exactly to hit pause on your PPC campaigns to avoid wasting money.

1. Your Landing Pages Are Not Converting

Sometimes the success of your PPC campaign has less to do with the keywords and the ad and more to do with what people do once arriving at your landing page.

An under performing landing page can push away potential leads and prevent you from gaining a new customer.

If Google assigns you a low-quality score due to your landing page, you may want to pause your PPC campaigns until they fulfil Google’s standards.

To get you started, think about:

– The visual appeal

– How easy the navigation is

– How relevant the page is to your target keywords

– How much information is featured

2. Your Ads Need a Rethink

There are a range of PPC ads including …

A. Search Ads

They appear on search engines and are found through the use of keywords and phrases. For your ad to appear, consumers need to conduct a search query – which suggests they’re familiar with what you offer because they’ve searched for it.

This audience tends to know what they’re looking for – so it’s down to you to persuade them to click through to your landing page.

B. Display Ads

Pause Your PPC Campaigns

These are the ads that appear on other websites. Display ads usually target a broader audience than search ads – and the consumer isn’t always familiar with what you offer since they don’t need to specifically search for a keyword or phrase.

This style of ad may help you to raise brand awareness and to educate your target audience about what you offer.

C. Social Ads

These are the ads you see on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social ads are a mix of both search and display ads, the audience is a little broader than search ads, but they typically follow the display ad format.

Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, it’s important each style of PPC ad has it’s own optimised, targeted message that uses the strengths of the different channels to achieve a profitable ROI.

If all your PPC ads are the same no matter the style, then you might want to consider pausing your PPC campaigns and going back to the drawing board. Take the time to customise your ads and brand message based on the advantages of each platform.

3. You’re Not Receiving an ROI

There doesn’t need to be a complicated reason that you choose to pause your PPC campaigns. Maybe your PPC campaigns are not positively impacting your business, they’re not helping you gain sales, or you have another method of advertising that’s pushing your ROI.

It might be time to take a breather and come back to your PPC campaigns when your business needs them.

Pausing Your PPC Campaigns is a Final Resort

Pausing your PPC campaigns isn’t as simple as pressing ON/OFF.

If you do choose to pause your campaign, keyword or Ad Group, it won’t affect your quality score or historical data – but it’s possible for it to affect your performance. It’s normal to experience a performance delay once you resume your campaign, it’s unlikely your competitors shut down their PPC and their campaigns and quality score have probably been improving.

You need to re-establish your status and get back into the swing of things – which could take a while.

Hopefully you should never have to pause your PPC campaigns and you’ll continue to see your click-through-rate, conversion rate and return on investment continuously increase. But there is a problem with your PPC campaigns, it’s sometimes best just to take a break for a short while. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic, we can help.

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