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Getting Started with Google AdSense

There are many advertising programs that can help your website make money, but the most popular is Google AdSense. It’s a free, simple way for website owners of all sizes to earn money displaying targeted, relevant Google ads on their website.

Whether you run a blog, you own an online publication or you’re just looking to monetize your website, then Google AdSense could be the key. If your website meets specific criteria, then you will be accepted into the program and you will be allowed to display ads for Google.

If you’re interested in Google AdSense, then keep scrolling as we tell you everything you need to know to get started.

How Does Google Ad Sense Work?

The whole process is surprisingly simple, and it doesn’t require much leg work from you.

AdSense works in 3 simple steps:

1. You Make Space for The Ads

It’s down to you to make room for the ads, simply by pasting ad code onto your website and deciding where you want the ads to appear.

2. The Bidding Begins

Advertisers will bid to be displayed in your ad spaces in a real-time auction. The advertiser who offers the highest bid will be the one to show on your website

3. You Make Money

AdSense handles the billing of all advertisers and networks for the ads displayed on your website.

Which Ads Are Shown on Your Website?

Google AdSense

AdSense automatically serves ads on your website that are targeted to your website’s content for your audience. You can learn more about how Google AdSense targets ads.

While you don’t have a choice on what ads appear on your website, you can choose the design of the ads. Select from a variety of ad sizes and formats and alter the way your ads look to fit with your website.

If you see an ad you don’t like, there are blocking controls in your AdSense account that lets you review each ad and decide whether to them feature on your pages.

Getting Started with Google AdSense

If you’re ready to get started, you can submit your application here. If your website meets Google’s AdSense Criteria and quality metrics, then there’s no reason your account won’t be approved.

The Bottom Line

Your main task it to get as much website traffic as you can and to get those ads as many clicks as possible. Be careful – Google have a complicated system for preventing click fraud. Don’t try to cheat Google or falsely increase the number of clicks – any signs of suspicious activity on your website could suspend your account. You can learn more about click fraud through our blog post, “How to Avoid PPC Click Fraud”.

If you want to make an income from Google AdSense, the best way to do so is legitimately. Clicking on your own ads deliberately or getting your friends to do it for you might seem like a savvy idea, but if can often result in a ban. Not only do you risk losing the money you’ve made, but you could also face legal action from Google and the advertisers on your website.

If you need help on how to setup your Google AdSense account, or you’re looking to maximise your return on investment, then get in touch with us today.


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