The Benefits of Google Analytics for Your Business

Benefits of Google AnalyticsThe benefits of Google Analytics are unmissable; it gives you all the data about your website in one place. It’s a powerful web analytics tool that helps businesses assess their performance, establish new goals, drive traffic and have a greater understanding of their target audience.

Google Analytics gathers all the data for you (once you’ve set it up); but it’s up to your business to take control of your reports and use the data to improve your business.

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This week we’ve been focusing on how to use Google Analytics for business, in this article we’ll explore the benefits of Google Analytics.

4 Top Benefits of Google Analytics

1. Focus on What Your Audience Are Interested In

Your behaviour reports will show you what content on your website users are interest in.

For example, you might upload daily blog posts and some topics generate more traffic that others … you could take this opportunity to post more about the topics your audience are genuinely interested in. To increase your chances of leads and sales through your blog posts, include relevant CTA’s and ‘Contact Us’ links so visitors will be more inclined to act.

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2. Amend Your Content

If you have high bounce rates on your landing pages (the pages visitors first see when on your site), it’s time to revisit the content and see what’s going wrong. Your bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit a single page on your website and exit straight after without looking around your website.

To reduce your bounce rate and encourage interaction with your site, you might need to review your landing page, here’s what you need to consider that could be deterring visitors;Benefits of Google Analytics

  • – Is the content relevant?
  • – Is the layout gentle on the eye?
  • – Do you have any CTAs, calls-to-action?
  • – Is your page taking too long to load?
  • – Are there technical issues preventing visitors from visiting other pages?
  • – Is your content targeted at your market?
  • – Is your page responsive?

Whilst there are other possibilities as to why your landing page isn’t producing the responses it should, the above are the typical reasons why.

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3. Assess How Well Your Site is Working for Visitors

Google Analytics will show you how people are accessing your site; mobile device, desktops and tablets.

If a lot of customers visitor your site through their mobile, it’s important you optimize your website for mobile viewing.

Consider some of our tips for a better user experience;

  • – Plan your layout; is it streamlined?
  • – Consider your button sizes; can users navigate around your site using their hands?
  • – A clean design; the screens smaller, so you can’t have cluttered content
  • – Optimize your images; avoid heavy media files
  • – Forms should be designed for mobile; filling in forms via mobile can be tasking, so keep them simple with only the necessary information

4. What Grabs Attention

Benefits of Google AnalyticsHow are people accessing your site? You probably implement a few different marketing strategies to reach your audience, like Social Media advertising, email communications and PPC.

If you know what is directing people to your website, you can work backwards from there.

Consider investing more of your marketing budget in the styles that are driving you more traffic. For example, if your Facebook is the cause for a lot of your website traffic, then perhaps invest in Facebook Paid Advertising. Check out our previous blog post, “A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Paid Ads”.

Bonus Tip – Use Google Analytics Regularly

To make the most out of the benefits of Google Analytics, check your insights routinely. If you act on the data given to you, you should see your website increase in behaviour and conversions. Google Analytics is all about progressing your business and website; you to periodically check your progress and monitor what’s working, what isn’t and make amendments to your strategies.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of Google Analytics will help your business further your understanding of your audience and how to create long lasting relationships. Through the data you’ll learn how to cater to your consumer needs, how to reach your wider audience and what content is successful.

For beginners, Google Analytics can be complicated and off-putting to use. But don’t worry, we can help!

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