Twitter Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re starting a Twitter account from fresh or you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of growing an account for a reputable brand, it’s always good to brush up on your Twitter tips and tactics to make sure you’re a pro-tweeter.

1. Use Your Keywords

To attract your target audience, include keywords in your tweets. As Twitter says, “Keyword targeting allows you to connect with users based on words and phrases they’ve recently Tweeted or searched for on Twitter.”

Twitter Tips

2. Implement Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are an obvious tip since they’re heavily used on Twitter. Help your content to be discovered as much as possible and connect with your target audience by extending your tweet’s reach.

We’ve already produced a guide on hashtag marketing, you can check it out here: How to Use Hashtag Marketing

3. Tweet Regularly

This is essential if you’re just getting started on Twitter. When you’re just beginning, you’ll have no idea when your audience are online, and the best way to find out is through experimenting.

Your audience won’t check Twitter all the time, so your best bet is to post throughout the day at peak times to maximise your reach and engagement.

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4. Monitor Your Engagement

It’s easy to go over board and tweet too regularly. Tweeting every 10 minutes might be annoying to your followers. The last thing you want to do is to irritate them so much with your tweets that they unfollow you.

If you up your tweet frequency and your engagement levels start to decrease, then it could be a signal that you’re posting too much.

Twitter Analytics will help you to monitor your engagement, you can learn more here.

5. Keep Organised

To keep your tweeting up-to-date, use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your tweets in advance. Then if you’re off sick or find your self too busy to post you’re covered.

But which tool is bets? Find out our verdict: Social Management Head-to-Head: Buffer VS Hootsuite

6. Remember Twitter’s Algorithm

Twitter published a pretty detailed guide to their algorithm in May 2017, which you can read here. But be warned it isn’t exactly an easy read. We’ve summed up the main points to save you a considerable amount of time in our blog post: Inside Twitter’s Algorithm

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7. Get Involved in Trending Topics

Join in on relevant topics – the topic doesn’t have to be exactly related to your products and services – you could cleverly work your way into the conversation.

For inspiration, look at Animal Planet’s tweet about #NationalPeanutButterLoversDay.

8. Give It Time

While we all love to see instant results – like a flood of retweets or followers – patience is key to posting on Twitter.

Acknowledging that it’s extremely unlikely you will get 10K followers in a day, or that 1 million people won’t like your latest tweet will allow you to focus on bringing value to your content and to recognise that twitter marketing is often a slow-burner.

9. Focus on Your Target Audience

Twitter Tips

If you want your business to be successful on Twitter, then you need to focus your time and attention on your target audience.

If your tweets are only posted in the interest of your business, and are rather self-serving, then your audience probably won’t be that interested.

Dedicate your time to creating content that’s engaging, shareable and eye-catching to maximise your shares, likes, retweets and mentions.


While are Twitter tips are created with beginner’s in mind, they’re important for big brands too. Every business, no matter the size or industry, can benefit from brushing up on simple tactics!

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