“Twitter is where people come to discover what’s happening”. So, if you want your target audience to discover you then it’s imperative you use Twitter for business.

No matter the industry every business should have a twitter account. Whether you’re a free-lancer, start-up business, small business or a large corporation, you need to build your brand using Twitter.

You’ll want to give @TwitterBusiness a follow for tips, news and how-to guides that can help you promote your business.

From a marketing point-of-view, Twitter offers countless benefits and will help you achieve your business objectives. Here’s the top 3 ways to use Twitter for business.

How to Use Twitter for Business

1. For Improved Customer ServiceTwitter for Business

Twitter is a popular platform for consumers to share their thoughts about businesses. By using Twitter for business, you can control and manage your online reputation. For example, if a previous client has turned to Twitter to complain about your brand then you can be there for damage control and to swiftly deal with the issue.

You could even take it one step further and take a leaf out of Boohoo’s book. They actually have a separate Twitter page dedicated to answering customer queries and complaints.

In addition, Twitter (along with other social media platforms) gives you the opportunity to quickly share important updates in real-time. For example, if you’re experiencing a technical issue then a Tweet is one way to timely alert your audience.

2. To Break the Consumer / Business BarrierTwitter for Business

Creating rapport with your audience can be the key to success or failure.

Twitter is a social platform, so having an active presence shows your brand wants to be a part of the community. You can show your friendly side, away from your corporate image, by sharing what you’re up to on a day to day basis, documenting team building exercises, giving a sneak peak to pending announcements and posting light-hearted tweets.

Twitter for Business is a chance to show your human side and the faces behind the brand. It’s a form of customer relationship marketing that can convert occasional customers into brand advocates.

3. Generating TrafficTwitter for Business

Your website is where the money is.

As a business you should never miss out on an opportunity to make more money – and directly as many consumers as you can to your website is one way to do so.

You might even consider offering discount codes exclusive to Twitter, and if you encourage your followers to share the exciting news to their followers then your account and website could generate even more traffic in the process.

Twitter will let you share links to your website and it’s a missed opportunity if you choose not to.

It’s Your Turn

If you haven’t already got at Twitter account, get started here.

If you aren’t an active Twitter user, then start today.

Let your brand’s amazing personality shine through compelling tweets. Connect with your customers, build your followers and watch as your conversions and ROI increase.

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