How to Not Waste Time: Facebook Productivity Tools

Is your Facebook productivity somewhat questionable? It takes a lot of self-control to open up Facebook and resist all temptations to have a quick check of your news feed, which can sometimes turn into hours of aimlessly scrolling like a zombie.

It’s a habit for a lot of people, but lucky for us there are some excellent pieces of software designed to remove our distractions on Facebook, so we can keep focused.

If you’re a social media marketer or you help to run a business page, you should consider how much time is well-spent when you’re on Facebook. We’ve found a few excellent tools to help you break the habit of wasting time and improve your Facebook productivity!

News Feed Burner

How many times have you opened up Facebook to manage your business page and got completely side-tracked by your newsfeed? Newsfeed Burner is an application designed to help you avoid procrastination! It helps you escape the urge to aimlessly browse your newsfeed by completely removing the temptation.

Newsfeed Burner is a free nifty chrome extension that you can add to your work device to avoid procrastinating.

Once clicking the browser’s extension button, your news feed is removed, but you can still access groups and pages.

Facebook Productivity


It’s a nifty chrome extension that converts your news feed in to a to-do list. It will literally remind you why you opened up Facebook in the first place, almost guilt-tripping you to do what you’re supposed to.

Todobook is reward based, so once you’ve completed everything on your to-do list you can see your newsfeed again. It’s completely customisable, you can choose to unlock your news feed after every to-do or once they’re all completed.It can be enabled only during work hours if you want, so you can be a Facebook zombie in your own time.

Facebook Productivity

Why Go On Facebook

Keeping mindful is always a good way to keep focused.

This chrome extension is more centred around avoiding using Facebook when you’re supposed to be working instead of helping you keep on task whilst working on Facebook.

When you open Facebook, Why Go On Facebook will ask you why you’re there so you can consider if that’s what you really should be doing. Once you have answered you can proceed to your page as normal, but it’s deisnged to get you thinking about how wisely you use your time.

Over time the extension will add your answers (displayed by a percentage) so you can see why you tend to use it.

Facebook Productivity

Are these Chrome extensions a bit OTT? Maybe. Should we probably just have more self-control? Absolutely.

But Facebook can really hurt our productivity, so enabling an extension to help you work productively shouldn’t go a miss. If you don’t want to use the Chrome extensions anymore you can just disable them …

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