Why Your Business Should be Using Asana

It’s one tool that can do it all. Have full control of your work schedule by using Asana for business.

Are you looking for an effective way to manage your business? Well, you don’t need to look any further.

It can be a struggle to keep things organised. Sometimes priority tasks pop-up and it’s easy to forget about the small things. Your business can use Asana as the go-to management tool.

What is Asana?

Asana will improve your businesses communication, project execution and collaboration. The app can be used on desktops and / or as a mobile app. Users can access their tasks, current and previous projects and continuously monitor their progress.

Asana - Example

Asana is extremely convenient, you can attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox and use Slack to post updates via messaging. If you want to learn more about using Slack for Business, head over to our blog post, “Slack: Where the Work Happens”.

Asana’s Features

Make every task you set a success with Asana’s fantastic features.

  • – Boards; visualise your work, see what tasks are in progress and ones you’ve boxed-off
  • – Timeline; keep on track and make use of your timeline by creating a plan that illustrates how parts of a project fit together
  • – Calendar; monitor your progress and quickly spot overlaps or extra space in your schedule
  • – Dashboard; share your development with your team and see what’s on track and what needs more attention
  • – Custom Fields; keep your most important tasks front and centre.
  • – Templates; have your standard processes as templates so your whole team can use them
  • – Privacy; keep sensitive information private and share it with specific people
  • – Admin Controls; appoint administrators to monitor your team and set controls to keep your information secure

Asana - Example

Why You Should Use Asana for Business?

Be Time Efficient

Prioritise different tasks by simply moving them up and down your list. Keep on top of what’s most important and when projects need to be launched.

Improve Your General Management

As a business you’ll have multiple different tasks and projects that need completing. Some projects will take longer than others, with different sub-projects in them.

A typical way to assign and monitor projects and tasks is through email communications. It can be difficult to track your progress, especially if you have different email threads for the same project.

Use Asana and your comments on a project will be centralised and recorded in one easy to find place. You’ll be able to easily manage several objects and your team members whilst delivering a successful project.

Work Harmoniously with Your TeamAsana - Team Working Together

Asana is brilliant to keep your team in sync and working together. Users can invite others to join their Workspaces; those who join will be able to see all the projects and tasks included.

Keep your team involved by inviting them to follow a task. Whilst they monitor your task, they can suggest ideas, improvements, new perspectives and concerns.

Asana for Business: Moving Forward

Asana is the best way for you and your team to track your work. Your responsibilities and next tasks will be clearly displayed, so you can get results.

“If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Asana. Starting a team is really that simple.” – Asana

Get down to business and introduce your team to Asana now.

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