Getting Started with Evernote

We live in a world over flowing with information.

There’s only so much we can try to remember before we start to feel an information overload. If you’re looking for a new way to get organised; you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to take advantage of Evernote.

What is Evernote?

Evernote - LogoEvernote is a note-taking application, designed for creating, organizing and holding media files. Documents, photos, videos and webpages can be stored neatly in Evernote.

All your data will be stored up in the cloud, so you can access your updated information on the go via your mobile, or your computer, tablet and so on. You’ll have your very own personal Evernote account, so be assured what you store in Evernote is safe.

Evernote works like Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox, it’s a similar sort of service but Evernote has a few more features.

Not only can Evernote be used for file management and cloud storage, users can also create notebooks and notes. Everything is automatically live synced, so don’t worry about having your important information stored only on one machine; access your account and storage from any device.

What Can Evernote be Used for?

  • – Screenshot images
  • – Bookmarking web pages
  • – Adding notes to file attachments
  • – Collecting recipes

Evernote for Business

  • – Let Evernote organize your business content! Here’s what you can do;
  • – Organize information in to separate notebooks
  • – Scan and save bills, businesses cards and receipts; keeping you clutter free!
  • – Take photos of equipment and their serial numbers
  • – Collecting new business ideas
  • – Save customer reviews
  • – Keep checklists and reminders
  • – Share notebooks with your selected team members

Evernote’s Basic Features

Here’s some extra features Evernote offers that I haven’t previously mentioned;

Tags – Users can enter a tag, keyword, in the tag section of a note so they can have easy access to it. You could create tags for different topics, so if you search for a tag you can easily locate all your notes on your chosen topic.

Atlas – Your notes can be sectioned in to geographical area. If you allow Evernote to access your location, you can ‘geocode’ your notes in to interactive maps. If you travel a lot for work, this may be a feature you want to take advantage of. Since you can have photos and documents attached to specific locations.

Web Clipper – Clip pages from the web and store them in your own Evernote account. The web clipper is just a bookmarking tool, so you can save interest pages that you don’t have time to read right away. And it gets better, users can even scroll through their own notes with the web clipper!

Trunk – Looking for help? The Trunk is literally a trunk of information. If you’re ever stuck or confused, the Trunk will show you all the tools you have available. This is particularly handy for first time users, let the trunk show you how to use Evernote features accurately.

Your Options

Evernote - Multiple DevicesEvernote is free to download, but users can choose either free Evernote or an upgraded version.

The free version may work perfectly for your business, but if you’re looking for additional features, you’ve got the option of upgrading. Users can also opt for a business account.

If you decide to choose a premium account, you can expect to enjoy;

  • – Larger uploading
  • – History of your notes
  • – PDF searches
  • – Free from advertisements
  • – Use of Evernote on more than two devices

Give it a Go!

The best way to see if Evernote is right for you and your business is to give it a trial run. Make an account and try to make the most of it! If you decide Evernote isn’t right for your business, there’s no harm done. At least you’ve given a new piece of software a go.

If you like the sound of Evernote, you may find our blog post, “5 Tools to Improve Production” useful.

About the author: 

Marie Harwood is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Different Gravy Digital, Hale, Cheshire.

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