Exposing Common Instagram MythsInstagram Myths

In this article, we will be dispelling common Instagram myths and providing you with the truth about using Instagram for business.

Being one of the most popular, influential social media platforms in the world, Instagram is one of the greatest methods for businesses to conduct digital marketing. But even though there are over 25 million business profiles using Instagram, there are still many businesses who want to promote their business but question whether Instagram is the right way to go.

Take a look as we dethrone the common Instagram myths and equip you with the correct information about using the social media platform as a means to further your brand.

1. Instagram is Only for Product Based Businesses

Some believe that Instagram doesn’t work for service-based businesses, but that can’t be further from the truth. Any style of business can succeed with Instagram – as long you know how to reach your target audience and capture their interest.

While Instagram may seem easier to use if you have a product to sell, there are plenty of innovate ways brands can utilise the power of Instagram to better their business, find out more:

2. You Don’t Need a Solid Plan

Like any form of marketing, you need to have a plan. Instagram isn’t just a platform to post random photos whenever you feel like it. Every post should have a purpose, you should use Instagram to promote and advertise your business professionally.

It’s important you take Instagram seriously, using a social media scheduling tool might help. Take a look at our blog post, Social Management Head-to-Head: Buffer VS Hootsuite to discover which tool we would recommend.

It’s important you’re active on Instagram and that you’re posting regularly. If you appear to be inactive, your followers will unfollow you and possibly go to one of your competitors.

3. You Can’t Measure Your ResultsInstagram Myths

In fact, you easily can. Instagram Insights is a built-in feature for business accounts, where you can access data about your reach, impressions and so on. Learn more:

4. Instagram Only Works for Big Accounts

You don’t need a huge follower base to make money. You don’t need to be a big, well-known brand like McDonalds to see success.

Small businesses have just the same chance as major brands to engage their target audience. If your posts are engaging, are of high quality and reach your target market, then your account will grow as will your success.

5. You Can’t Make Any Money

There are plenty of ways to generate leads through Instagram – which should hopefully lead to conversions, then to clients or customers.

One way to extend your reach and generate leads is through hashtag marketing – using relevant hashtags will help you to extend the reach of your posts to your target audience, which increases your chances of people clicking on your profile and enquiring about you.

Quick Tips for Success

  • – Ensure you use clear CTAs
  • – Post regularly
  • – Ensure you’re reaching the right audience
  • – Use eye-catching, high-quality images
  • – Keep inline with your brand image

Hopefully know we have provided you with the correct information and dispelled the popular Instagram myths, you should feel reassured about creating your own account.