Top Tips to Get More Followers on InstagramHow to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just a place for people to share snapshots of their day. The platform has evolved to be a powerful content marketing tool where brands can raise their brand awareness, network with other businesses and connect with their audience.

One of your business objectives on Instagram should be to increase your following since a greater following means more exposure for you.

It’s a common question, particularly for those who have only recently created their account, how can I get more followers on Instagram?

In this article, we will be sharing our top tips on how to get more followers the smart way.

1. Optimize Your Account

Without a properly setup account you can’t expect people to follow you. Make sure you have a clear username, profile image and bio that clearly represents who you are as a business. Catch up with our top tips to set up your account, “”

Also, keep your username as easy as possible. Not only does it need to be search engine friendly, but also memorable and related to your business so people can find you. Try not to overcomplicate your username because it will be a barrier …

  • – Try not to include too many numbers, they’re easy to mix up
  • – Don’t have a random username, keep it as your business name or related to it
  • – If your business name is too long for your user name, shorten it to something people will recognise

2. Keep Active

How to Get More Followers on InstagramWe’ve already discussed the importance of an active Instagram account in our post, “Tips to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm”, but it’s also important for keeping a loyal following.

If you’re fortunate enough to get a good-sized following the worst thing you can do is go off-the-grid. An inactive account suggests you’re no longer using posting, so users may forget what drew them to following you in the first place.

Don’t spam your followers, but regularly posting (even every couple of days) shows your existing followers you haven’t gone anywhere.

Your audience, and other businesses, are incredibly valuable to build your following. They can provide free publicity by becoming brand advocates who expose your account to their followers.

Make your content shareable – Instagram users can re-post other account’s posts (hopefully they’ll re-post yours!)

Don’t be afraid to ask – suggest other Instagram accounts share your content to their audience

Consider running competitions – to enter users have to repost your post to spread the word

But don’t just stop at Instagram re-posts – ask people or businesses to share your account on their Facebook, Twitter or even blog posts?

As long as you’re providing something of value, there’s no reason why other accounts won’t share your posts. It might be challenging to persuade others to provide you with publicity, but it’s a rewarding way to get your account in front of a much bigger audience.

3. Follow Other AccountsHow to Get More Followers on Instagram

It’s the most basic of points, and hopefully you already are, but a no-brainer is to follow others and hope they return the favour.

Particularly if you’re new to Instagram you might find gaining followers hard, so provide some incentive. Spark curiosity for them to click on your account by engaging with their content. By clicking on your account (where all your details should be optimised, tip 1) they’ll be able to learn a bit about you which will hopefully result in a follow back!

4. Hashtags That Get Results

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtag marketing!

Hashtags allow you to extend your social reach and as a business you need to build a community be accumulating followers, which hashtag marketing provides.

Use hashtags that your followers are likely to search for, which you can discover using Hashtagify.

5. Tag Your Physical Location

If your business has a physical location or you’re visiting a destination, make sure to tag your post with the location. It allows your post to appear in the photo stream when people search for that particular location on Instagram.

Key Takeaway

Instagram is still expanding so use our tips to make your mark and increase your reach. Consistently work at building your following with quality content.

These methods are not the only ways you can build your following, use ours tips with a combination of your own strategy. Just remember to keep consistent and produce quality content that is consistent with your brand. It’s a SOCIAL media platform, and the key is to be social. So, keep your audience in mind when building and running your Instagram account and you should see an increase in your following.

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