How to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm

In yesterday’s blog post we discussed how Instagram’s algorithm works and how they decide where to rank posts on feeds. Therefore, it’s crucial businesses know how to keep their brand present in their follower’s feeds organically without having to rely on paid advertisements.

In this post, we’ll be looking at how brands can boost their visibility and engagement by working Instagram’s Algorithm to their advantage.

1. Have an Active PresenceBeat Instagram's Algorithm

It’s important you’re regularly posting on Instagram to ensure your brand is always at the forefront of your customers mind.  If you post occasionally and people don’t engage with your posts because they don’t know much about you, you’ll likely score a lower ranking.

Each business is completely different so there is no definitive answer to how often you should post. But perhaps try weekly tests to measure your success.

  • – Week 1: Posting every couple of days
  • – Week 2: Posting everyday
  • – Week 3: A couple of times a day

How active you need to be will depend on your audience. For example, a fashion business may need to post a few times a day because a lot of brands are competing to sell the latest looks.

2. Reach for Engagement

One of the main ranking factors in Instagram’s algorithm is the relationship between the poster and their following. With this in mind, it’s important that every post has a meaning behind it to maximise engagement.

Interesting captions are a good way to generate engagement, try to build a conversation and connect with them beyond just trying to sell your products. Ask open ended questions, spark topical conversations and encourage them to tag you in their posts when relevant.

Beat Instagram's Algorithm3. Post What’s Popular

If your Instagram account is a business account, check your Instagram Insights to see which of your posts are performing the best.

Look at what’s attracting the most attention and find ways to replicate it in a new and exciting way. For example, if posts about the latest industry news generally have high levels of engagement, then conduct research and plan more posts surrounding industry news.

4. Post When Your Audience is Active

Your posts must be timely to get noticed. Whilst Instagram does factor in relevancy and relationship, recency (how new the post is) does score a higher rank.

Analyse your previous posts and discover what days and times have the greatest engagement, so you know your prime time.

Do you use a scheduling tool? You’ll find out blog post, “Social Management Head-to-Head: Buffer VS Hootsuite” useful to help plan, schedule and analyse your posts.

Have You Tried Instagram Stories?Beat Instagram's Algorithm

One way to avoid disappearing on Instagram is through Instagram Stories. They’re a great way to generate engagement: through votes on a poll, replays, shares and comments. Which is likely to place your posts at higher authority on user’s feeds since you have high-levels of engagement.

We’ve already covered Instagram Stories and how to use them for business, you can catch up, “How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

The Bottom Line

Much like Facebook’s algorithm, Instagram’s is constantly under adjustments. It takes patience and time to see what works best for your own business.

With Instagram’s algorithm, brands need to post only their best content, and not just post ‘for the sake of it’. Brands that achieve regular engagement, post when they’re audience are active and keep them interested are likely to see the most success.

As long as your meeting the interest of your audience then you shouldn’t face any major problems.

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