Getting Started with Domain Authority

There are around 644 million active websites, most of which will be competing with other websites to establish themselves on the web. It’s important for websites to appear on SERPs when relevant, search engines like Google implement algorithms to decide what website pages should appear on SERPS and where. Page rankings are based on several factors, like keywords, backlinks, content and so on. One of  the most effective strategies to determine a site’s search engine ranking is Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority?Domain Authority

Developed by SEO experts, Moz, Domain Authority is a metric designed to understand and predict how well a site will rank on SERPs. Scores are out of /100, the higher the score the greater the chances of a high ranking.

Scores are on a 100-point logarithmic scale. So, a low ranking is a lot easier to get than a high ranking is more challenging. You can improve from 10/100 to 20/100 very quickly, for example, but jumping from 80/100 to 90/100 will be a lot harder.

What is a Domain Authority Score Based on?

Typically, sites with a lot of high-quality links achieve the highest Domain Authority scores.

Here’s a few ranking factors;

  • – Keywords
  • -Age of domain name
  • – Time on site
  • – Website traffic
  • – Content
  • – Bounce rate
  • – Image Optimisation
  • – Canonical tags
  • – Meta description

Domain Authority Despite there being several factors that can impact your score, link building should be your primary concern. Your score will be heavily influenced by the number of inbound links you have and the quality and trustworthiness of the websites they’re coming from. Links inform search engines that your website is useful enough for another credible website to feature you on.

Therefore, consistently implementing a wide variety of marketing strategies is crucial, efforts like blogging, social media and email marketing raise the awareness of your brand and increase your chances of building links with reliable brands.

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Domain Authority and My Google Ranking?Domain Authority

Google is a business too and they want to give their customers the best experience, which means featuring the best content at the top of their search results. They want to have the most reputable, reliable and relevant sites so their customers find Google useful and will return. Domain Authority calculations are based around Googles Algorithm, it’s an accurate prediction of where your site will stand on Google and other search engines.

When Will My SERPs Ranking Improve?

Link building is a challenging process, but it can be even more frustrating waiting to see results. SEO isn’t magic, and you just need to be patient until you can start seeing results. It can take a while to improve your Domain Authority, and the better score you get the harder it is to improve, but, be patient and you will slowly see results.

Could We Help?

Link building can be a fully time job; you need to dedicate a chunk of time to Page and Domain Authority scores, analyse your score and look for improvements. If you can’t dedicate the time needed to run an effective link building campaign … we’re experts in SEO so, we can do it for you!

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