Our Guide to the Benefits of Link Building

Benefits of Link BuildingIn our previous blog post, “What is Link Building” we explored the importance of implementing white-hat link building strategies to improve a website’s SEO. Today we will discover the primary benefits of link building and why the challenge of building links is completely worth it in the long run.

As we have covered previously, link building has the sole purpose of improving a website’s optimisation and ranking on SERPs. But link building is advantageous for several different reasons, whilst building links to improve SEO, businesses can enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

The Top 3 Benefits of Link Building

1. Bringing Recognition to Your Brand Name

Benefits of Link BuildingThe same way link building improves authority on SERPs, it also helps to build the authority of a brand name. When Google crawls websites and see’s high-quality links to relevant sites, it’s a good indication for Google that your brand is reputable, and your site can be trusted. It’s the same for visitors to your site, the more they see your brand name and links to your site from other company sites that they trust, they will recognise your brand authority and reputability and are more likely to use your products or services.

In a nut shell, the more high-quality links you have from ‘good’ websites, the more consumers you will attract to your own website purely by reputation and the trusting of another brand.

2. Bringing Traffic

Typically, most of your website traffic will come from search engines (like Bing, Google and Yahoo) and from your marketing efforts (like paid advertising, email marketing and social media marketing).

But link building can boost your website traffic further! The extra visibility your site gets by having a link featured on another site, means more referral traffic for you. Therefore, it’s important to have relevant links, you’re more likely to have relevant targeted traffic visiting your website that can generate leads and sales.

3. Business-to-Business Relationships

Benefits of Link Building

Link building is an effective way to build relationships, if you both provide backlinks to one another’s website pages you’re helping one another out. Links are simply the first step of creating a relationship, which could result in a partnership that helps you both.

For example, a restaurant could form relationships with local hotels, shops and businesses and feature their businesses on one another’s websites. Not only are they helping one another out with brand visibility, website traffic and conversions, they’re also building a potentially long-lasting business relationships that could open new doors.

Getting Down to Business

To enjoy the benefits of link building, you need to know how to kick start relationships. Whilst you may get a few offers for link building without trying, you’ll see the best results if you go and find some yourself too.

Do your research; browse for companies and their pages you think would be relevant and useful to link to.

Make contact; introduce your brand and what you do

Make an offer; you need to give a little to get a little. Perhaps propose you both feature a link in one another’s website page?

Keep in contact; link building is a relationship, keep in touch with the content you’re both producing and keep an eye out with how you can help one another further.

Wrapping it Up

The benefits of link building are unmissable, they’re a classic yet effective strategy to boost your website optimisation. Quantity is certainly not better than quality, several spammy links (or even just one) can be harmful to your SEO. Whereas, a few quality links, from reputable websites, will help to boost your visibility and raise your profile.

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