How to Write Social Media PostsWrite Social Media Posts

The way you write social media posts can affect your authority, reach and the success of your overall campaign.

With more brands creating and sharing content on social media now more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to break through the noise and get their content noticed.

Reaching your audience organically on social media is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly with the introduction of algorithms. Find out more:

Instead of throwing in the towel, up your game and strengthen your writing skills.

Your social media posts need to get your audience to act, whether it be to engage with your post, click on a web link or sign-up to your mailing list. It’s important you take time to create attractive copy that pushes your audience to act.

Take a look at our 4 easy ways you can improve your social media posts.

4 Top Tips to Write Engaging Social Media Posts

1. Know Your Audience

Remember who you’re speaking to and who you’re trying to engage.

Focus on writing for the right people – they’re who you’re trying to impress!

Discover who your audience are: Who is Your Business Avatar?

2. Keep Things Snappy

Social media posts are typically not the place to write lengthy, detailed paragraphs.

Usually, short posts are better received. The amount of attention your audience have to give to you is limited. And not only that, but you’re competing with many other brands who are fighting for the same attention as you.

Remember there are character limits with different platforms too …

  • – Twitter: 280 characters
  • – Pinterest: 500 characters
  • – Instagram: 2,200 characters
  • – Facebook: 5,000 characters
  • – LinkedIn: 1,300 characters

For optimum engagement, usually the more concise the better.

3. Post What People Want to SeeWrite Social Media Posts

You need to deliver value to your audience.

Regardless of whether you want to be funny, helpful, entertaining or to deliver an important message, it’s important you understand your standard target audience and connect to them individually.

What do your audience usually like to see, try posting more of that style content.

Learn more about different content styles:

4. Use Visuals

Did you know posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts?

Draw attention to your posts by including a relevant, eye-catching visual.

Find out more about the different styles of videos you might want to use:

Keep your visuals relevant to the copy. If you’re adding an image to your social media post, for example, then make sure the copy connects to it.


Everything you publish reflects your brand. If your social media posts are sloppy, then that makes your brand look sloppy too.

Knowing how to write on social media is one of the hardest skills to master – but it’s one of the most rewarding platforms businesses can utilise.

Take on board our quick tips and monitor your progress. Happy writing!