How to Use Different Content Styles to Reach Your Audience

While blogging is an effective content marketing strategy, there are many different content styles that can deliver rewarding results. There’s more to content marketing that standard copy, with varying content styles bringing in more brand awareness, new traffic, targeted visitors and more conversions.

Setting Goals for Content Marketing

Every piece of content should have a goal, no matter its style.

Before you start planning your content strategies, first consider what you want the content to achieve.

  1. 1. Should it be shareable?
  2. 2. Should it display your expertise?
  3. 3. Should it teach your audience?
  4. 4. Should it grow your brand message?
  5. 5. Should it influence consumer behaviour?
  6. 6. Should it advertise your product / service?

6 Different Content Styles Business

With the above goals for content marketing in mind, there is an excellent selection of content styles that could help you meet your goal.

1. Infographics

Typically used to present information in a visual form, infographics are a powerful way to get important information across to your audience. You might find them valuable to share statistics, research or other forms of data.

With their visual appeal, infographics have the potential to be shared across social media for millions of consumers to see.

For more information, check out our previous blog post, “How to Use Infographics for Business

2. VideosContent Styles

You can go almost any direction with video marketing – from creating a lengthy, detailed recording to a short snappy message. With a successful execution, videos can be an excellent method to engage with consumers, share brand messages and showcase the creative side of your business.

Consider creating office tours, product explanations, reviews or an imaginative brand message.

3. Webinar

Creating a webinar is a great way to deliver content about detailed topics and explanations. The main goal of a webinar is to educate your target audience and inform them about a topic that would trigger enquiries and conversions.

4. eBookContent Styles

Similar to webinars, eBooks usually educate your target audience and deliver content that’s detailed. They’re downloadable books that can tie together multiple pieces of content to build one big picture.

Like webinars, they’re good to raise awareness about a product and teach your audience.

5. Case Studies

Case studies are excellent to share social proof. Not only do they give your brand credibility, but they also allow consumers to see current customer content that they may find of use for themselves.

Using reviews, testimonials and customer quotes, combined with a detailed case study, is a great piece of content to feature on your website.

6. Memes

Show your brand’s funny side with memes. Consumers love seeing things they can laugh at and share, particularly on social media.

Use sites like Meme Generator and Quick Meme to add your own test to meme images. Or, just make your own!

When overused or misused, they can devalue your brand that you want to raise positive awareness of.  Use memes sparingly in your nice permits.

Other Quick SuggestionsContent Styles

Along with our 6 top content style suggestions above, you can might want to consider …

  • – GIFs
  • – How-to guides
  • – Podcasts
  • – Polls / surveys
  • – Quotes

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