Getting Started with Guest BloggingGuest Blogging

We’ve already discussed the power of blogging for business, but blogging for websites apart from your own can be another way to build authority within your industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, guest blogging can help your business grow in a number of ways.

In this article, we will be explaining what exactly guest blogging is and the benefits that come along with it.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when a blogger produces content for a website or blog that is not their own.

Attracting an audience and generating traffic to blogs can be a challenge, particularly for small businesses and start-up companies. Offering posts for other more-established sites to publish will help raise their profile and boost traffic to their own website.

Usually, in exchange for providing the content, the website will inform readers who the content was produced by, with a link to site of the author.

Why Do Businesses Expect Guest Blogs?

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, the website wants quality content for their audience, so they can encourage them to keep coming back, whilst the guest blogger needs a powerful platform in which they can promote their brand.

The publisher basically gets free content and the guest blogger gets publicity and access to a larger audience.

Guest blogging goes beyond being a link building tactic, it’s beneficial in multiple ways including making connections, building opportunities and link juice.

Introducing More of Your Target Market to You

To make your guest blog worth your time, you need to make sure …

  • – They have an established audience
  • – Their blog is within your niche / industry
  • – They cover similar topics to you in their own posts

When guest blogging on established websites (with a high domain authority) within your industry, you’re exposed to potentially new customers who are a part of your target audience.

Producing content for successful blogs who already have a large audience makes your job a lot easier. Each time you produce a guest blog, you get a link right back to your own site. Whether it’s a link to a similar blog post, your contact page or home page, you will be generating targeted traffic to your own website and widening your network.

Guest BloggingImproving Your Domain Authority

All marketing efforts seem to circle back to benefiting SEO. And guest blogging is no different …

A combination of generating quality traffic, follow links and links to other high-authority blogs will all help to raise your own domain authority. Google, along with other search engines, take all this into consideration when ranking sites on SERPs from top to bottom, the higher the authority sites that link back to your own, the more likely you are to achieve a better ranking.

The more credible your links are, the more credible Google thinks you to be.

Potential Social Media Followers

Blogs tend to share their content onto social media to raise the awareness, and if you post a blog for them they’ll probably share that too. Social media is a good way to extend your online marketing efforts, even just a few shares on Twitter can double your content viewing, which means potentially doubling your conversions, bottom line and ROI …

Not only will your social media shares likely increase, your following may do to.

The more shares and followers you have, the more you portray yourself as industry leaders.

As a consumer yourself, you know it’s somewhat automatic to trust a brand with a considerable following than it is with one who have a small following. By producing content for a credible website, they’re essentially vouching for your brand, which will work wonders for building your following.

Why is a better social media presence relevant to guest blogging? Because the wider your audience, the wider audience your marketing reaches. Successful marketing means a greater conversion rate and ROI.

The greater your social media following, the greater chances you have of turning them into loyal customers.

Is Your Website Ready to Welcome New Traffic?Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a doorway to greater opportunities. The more you blog and share your expertise, the more you brand yourself as an expert in your field. With good planning and execution, guest blogging brings about new business opportunities, from capturing a wider audience, establishing relationships and making yourself a leader within your industry.

With guest blogging it’s safe to expect you’ll be getting more website views, but if your website prepared for the potential influx in traffic?

Perhaps you need a design makeover? Or your SEO isn’t up-to-scratch? Have a chat with us today to see how we can help.

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