Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Audience on Social Media

For a business to make the most out of their social media marketing, they need to make sure they’re reaching the right audience and that they’re efforts are not going to waste.

But what social network is best for you? With so many to choose from, it is understandable why businesses are unsure how to reach their target audience on social media.

Find Your Audience on Social MediaWho’s Your Audience?

One of the first things to ask yourselves, “Who is your target customer?”

Not every customer will be perfect for your business. Some people will love your product, some will be repeat customers, some will think you’re ‘alright’ and some will never want to use your services again. An Avatar will help your business identify the specific audience you want to target.

We’ve already talked about how to identify your business avatar. Bring your imagination to life with avatar/s created by your brand. By ‘Avatar’ we mean your ideal client profile, your ideal customer.

Discover how to identify your own – Who is Your Business Avatar?

The Differences Between Social Media Channels

Are you 100% certain you’re investing time and money into the right social networks?

Take a look at the below popular social media channels and use your business avatar to uncover where your target audience are spending most of their time. We’ve put together a few statistics, from reliable sources, to help you further understand where your target audience are.

Are Your Audience Likely to Be on Facebook?Find Your Audience on Social Media

 Are Your Audience Likely to Be on Instagram?

Are Your Audience Likely to Be on Twitter?

Are Your Audience Likely to Be on LinkedIn?

Try and TestFind Your Audience on Social Media

Social media marketing basically requires endless testing.

Based on what you know about your audience and what social platforms they spend their time on, test and analyse different strategies to see what engages them most.

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