The Importance of Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand Awareness Campaigns

What does brand awareness mean to you? When you are busy developing products or delivering services or doing tasks that are required to run a profitable business, thinking about how to raise brand awareness might not be at the top of your list of things to do.

What is Brand Awareness?

In layman’s terms, it’s simply how aware your audience is of your business, products or services.

Brand awareness indicates how familiar your target audience is with your business and how well they recognise it. Establishing brand awareness is valuable when marketing and promoting your company and products / services online, particularly if your recognition is currently low.

When you are busy developing products or delivering services or doing tasks that are required to run a profitable business, thinking about how to raise brand awareness might not be at the top of your list of things to do.

Brand awareness really is as vague as it sounds. For businesses who like to organise their success into neat numbers and statistics, brand awareness can ruffle feathers. But just because it isn’t a metric that can be simply sorted into numbers and statistics doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry excellent value and importance.

Particularly in highly competitive niches, having a good level of brand awareness can give a great competitive edge. As a business leader, you want to confirm that your audience know about your product or service. Consumers typically lean towards a business that they know or one that they have heard of as opposed to one they do not know.

There are many ways businesses can increase the awareness of their brand. Common methods include social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. No matter the platform you select, address your target market with the right message.

The Importance of Brand Awareness Campaigns

1. Brand Awareness Generates Trust

Consumers regularly rely on research and other’s opinions before making a purchase, using a service or visiting an establishment.

When choosing a new restaurant to visit, we usually ask others where they’ve been, we think of restaurants we’ve heard of and we look on sites like Trip Advisor to see honest opinions.

Once a consumer is familiar with your brand, they’re much more likely to do business with you and repeat purchase. Brand awareness fosters trust.

Brand awareness campaigns give your business an identity and a platform to be human, receive feedback and tell your brand story.

Much like we build trust with one another, the human / brand relationship isn’t much different. Give your audience the chance to know you and what you’re all about.

2. Trust Generates Association

Brand awareness helps associate products or services with particular businesses.

For example, most people when looking for an answer to their question say, ‘I’ll Google it’ rather than ‘I’ll use a search engine’. That’s what brand awareness does – it subconsciously encourages your audience to use your business.

3. Association Generates Brand Equity

Brand equity, the value of having a recognised brand, can help businesses achieve number of things:

Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • – More leads and conversions
  • – Higher perceived value
  • – Increase social impact due to brand name and value
  • – More customers / clients due to trust and familiarity
  • – The ability to expand due to consumer interest

Brands increase their equity by raising their awareness. Once a consumer or business becomes aware of a brand, they begin to recognise them and seek them out to make a purchase or use a service.

In a nutshell, brand awareness campaigns:

  • – Establish trust with your market
  • – Help reach more of your audience
  • – Builds positive associations
  • – Boosts your equity
  • – Helps your brand to become a reputable name

How to Raise Brand Awareness on Social Media

1. Select the Right Networks

Choosing where to focus your social media marketing efforts can be a challenging task. Businesses need to bear in mind that not all social platforms work the same way and some more than other will help you reach your objectives. Because of this, you need to be selective and make educated decisions.

2. Utilise Content Marketing

Deliver relevant, digestible and shareable content to establish yourself as an expert within your niche.

Social media is dominated by eye-catching graphics, banners, infographics and high-quality pictures. And with the rise of GIFs, live video and 360 photos, using standard text just isn’t enough to get noticed anymore.

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3. Be Consistent

To engage your audience and to create familiarity, you need to deliver recognisable content that viewers will be able to easily relate to your brand. A consistent approach will help you to create trust amongst your target audience and place an emphasis on your brand’s goals and key principles.

Could a Social Media Brand Awareness Campaign Boost Your Business?

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