4 Top Tips to Improve Your Visual Content

Visual Content

Take a look as we detail our top 4 quick tips for your next visual content strategy.

When we talk about content marketing, most people just think about the text. But visual content plays just as an important role in your marketing campaign as the text does. Visuals have the power to attract your target audience and ensure your campaigns are successful.

Social media is dominated by eye-catching graphics, banners, infographics and high-quality pictures. And with the rise of GIFs, live video and 360 photos, using standard text just isn’t enough to get noticed anymore.

Visual assets are crucial for your content strategy to be a success – but not everyone is aware of how to leverage their visual content to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to their website and increase conversions.

1. Keep Quality in Mind

Remember, everything you publish reflects your brand, so professionalism is key. To portray a professional-feel, all your visual content should be:

  • – In line with branding guidelines
  • – High quality and high resolution
  • – Eye-catching and attention grabbing
  • – Clear, with no blurs or pixilation

2. Summarise a Blog Post in an Infographic

Infographic is simply short for information graphics, they’re a graphic visualisation representing complex information, statistics, data, knowledge in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Infographics aren’t supposed to hold a lot of in-depth information, but blog posts are. Create a blog post and infographic to meet the needs of different consumers. Some may want to glance at an infographic to get the general gist, whereas some will want to read in detail.

3. Cover the Latest Online Trends

Visual Content

The latest trends for visual content are always changing, and it’s important that you keep up.

Generate more engagement and more attention by keeping up with the times.

For example, GIFs are really popular at the moment, so try using them a few on social media and monitor your success.

To learn more about the using GIFs for business, check out our previous blog posts, Using GIFS for Business

4. To Give Your Readers Break

Images can be a welcomed break from reading chunks of text. Consider incorporating a range of visual content into your text to keep readers focused:

  • – Graphs
  • – Videos
  • – Images
  • – Screenshots / examples
  • – Cartoons
  • – Memes
  • – GIFs

You’ll find our blog post about Canva useful, it helps you to create quick images, infographics and social media banners. There’s plenty of tools and templates too to help give your visual content a professional feel. Learn more here.