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As investors mull over what on earth they should do about Facebook, we’re more interested in what it means for businesses and their marketing. It’s safe to say FB’s 2018 hasn’t been strong, but are businesses jumping the gun by disowning Facebook and are they ignoring the clear influential power it has?

A business page has been considered one of the marketing-musts for a long time, but at the moment it seems like the only time people mention Facebook is to talk about their latest disaster, like their most recent horror story, their stock decline.

With companies like SpaceX leading the way to removing Facebook from their marketing efforts … is it time that every business follows suit?

Well we don’t think so.

With Facebook constantly in the firing line recently, we thought it was important to remind you why deleting deleting your page is certainly not a good idea.

It’s Still the Place to Be

Despite the scandals, the social media giant are still incredibly popular. The platform still quite clearly the place to be … remember it’s the largest social network by leaps and bounds.

It’s Cost Effective

Whilst Paid Advertising can get a bit costly (depending on your marketing budget) you can still use the platform to build authority organically, which is completely free. We should consider ourselves lucky that we are not charged for a business page. * Hopefully we haven’t spoken too soon! *

If you work hard enough and manage to create a loyal following, you may not even need to invest in paid advertising to make an impact on Facebook, although most companies do.

FacebookSearch Engine Optimisation

Let’s not forget how important Facebook is to your SEO. You could say Facebook collaborates with SEO like no other social media platform, due to it’s popularity. Facebook drives traffic to your website, which improves your visibility for keywords, your site’s popularity and credibility, whilst also boosting your click-through and conversion rates.

Don’t Forget Their New Features …

They keep surprising us with new marketing strategies all the time, here’s to name a few:

FacebookThe Slight Downside

As most of you will be aware, Zuckerberg stunned us all when they announced a big change in their algorithm. In a nutshell, Zuckerberg announced that users will see less public content from businesses, brand and media. Their algorithm change was prompted by wanting to make Facebook a community which focused on ‘personal’ connections.

You can read all about their algorithm change here.

Our Final Verdict

So, in summary, deleting your account is a business-suicide.

Facebook has been going through a rough-patch, but hopefully they’ll come out of the other end in one piece soon.

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