Email Marketing FrequencyWhen Is Your Email Marketing Frequency Too High?

A common question asked by small businesses getting their marketing started is, “How often should I send marketing emails?”. Like most things in marketing, there isn’t a definitive answer. The best we can do is offer our advice to help you decide your email marketing frequency.

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses when planning email marketing campaigns is deciding how frequency to send content to consumers. There’s a fine line between remaining at the forefront of recipient’s minds and pestering them with spammy content.

It only takes one too many emails for the recipient to unsubscribe from your email marketing list. You can head over to our blog post, “6 Top Tips to Avoid the Spam Folder” to read our best advice on delivering valuable emails.

Top Tips for Email Marketing FrequencyEmail Marketing Frequency

1. Don’t Drastically Change What’s Working

If you’re already emailing your customers, then assess the success of your current strategy before you change it.

How often are you emailing your customers right now? Are you achieving good open and click-through rates? You might have already established a steady rhythm which doesn’t need improving.

2. Set the Tone

For those who are just starting out, your subscribers will have no idea what to expect from your communications. New recipients will be completely unaware of how often they’ll be hearing from you, so your first few emails will set the tone of what they can expect in the communications to come. If you’re a new-starter, set expectations that will realistically work for you and your recipients.

3. Slowly Increase Your Email Marketing Frequency

Small businesses, particularly those in hospitality, tend to send email campaigns once or twice a month.

In most circumstances we wouldn’t recommend going from sending emails once a month to 4 times a week suddenly. Try slowly building the frequency of your emails to avoid annoying your recipients. Start sending emails twice a month for a couple of months and gradually build up your frequency until you’re at your optimal rhythm.

Email Marketing Frequency 4. Increase Your Frequency When Necessary

You don’t need to stick to sending the same amount of emails each month.

For example, coming up to Christmas restaurants tend to increase the frequency of their marketing emails because the content is valuable and of great interest to recipients.

If you have regular promotions or a big event coming up, then you might want to try sending two or three emails a week. Take extra care with these campaigns because there’s a thin line between being informative and a nuisance.

Quick Points to Takeaway

  • – Keep a close eye on your campaigns and monitor the effect of your email frequency (for your open rates, CTRs and conversions)
  • – Ensure you’re meeting the needs of your customers and not sending emails for the sake of it
  • – Don’t forget about the importance of content – How to Get Your Sales Emails Noticed

Is It Working?

The most important think about email marketing campaigns is are they working? What was your objective? Are you meeting them?

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