How to Make the Most Out of Your Chatbot

Catch up on what you may have missed;

Take advantage of our tips so you can make the most out of your own chatbot.

1. Link Facebook Ads to Messenger

Did you know you can produce News Feed ads that can directly link to your Messenger account?

Use targeted ads to bring your audience right to you, perhaps an advertisement as simple as; we’ve launched a new exciting bot for you to try!

2. Take Advantage of Chatbot’s Learning Ability

Over time, your bot will be able to discover and retain customer’s preferences. Through artificial intelligence, your bot will use interaction history to create a specific profile based on each individual customer. Helping you deliver personalised messages and content!

3. Follow Up Messages

Chatbot - IllustrationThis works like follow up emails, however you’ll probably get a better response and action rate since consumers spend more time on Facebook than on their email account.

If you have information you feel worthy to share with your consumers, you can do so.

For example, CNN’s chatbot will send breaking news to keep consumers up to date with urgent happenings. This helps CNN to fulfil their purpose as a news publication network … consumers use their chatbot to read articles and thus expect to be sent breaking news.

If what you send is relevant to the individual recipient, consumers shouldn’t find an issue with follow up messages. Within moderation, of course.

4. Reward Consumers for Their Loyalty

Keep consumers loyal to their subscription by offering an occasional incentive or two.

What about a one-month loyalty prize? Or one for 6 months? The choice is yours. Your reward doesn’t have to be big, but a kind gesture to show consumer’s you appreciate their support won’t go a miss.

Don’t forget; chatbot subscriptions work just the same as email subscriptions. Once a user has unsubscribed to your bot, you cannot send any more messages until they subscribe again.

5. Refer for Additional SupportChatbot - Messaging

Your bot isn’t, and shouldn’t, replace human representatives. Some tasks, your bot just won’t be able to fulfil. If your bot is continuously misunderstanding what a consumer is requesting, offer to forward them on to a human representative. Alternatively, if a representative isn’t available, offer to use their email address or phone number so a member of your team can get back to them.

Bots can be on the look out for specific triggers. For example; certain swear words, language that indicates frustration or repeated requests.

This is certainly a feature you should consider, customers will become irritated if they must continuously repeat their story.

6. Customer Feedback

Whilst your consumers are engaged, take the opportunity to ask them how they found your service. Feedback is a great way to see how consumers are finding interacting with your bot, with hopefully some useful insights to how you can improve further.

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