10 Top Tips for Your Text Message MarketingText Message Marketing

Businesses should tread carefully when it comes to sending their customers texts. Our texts are a personal space – far more personal than emails or receiving letters in the post.

Just because you can send texts – doesn’t mean you should. Text message marketing can be a great marketing method, but if done incorrectly it can cause a lot of damage.

Take a look at our dos and don’ts of text message marketing to help you decide whether it’s the right strategy for you.

5 Dos of Text Message Marketing

1. Do Get Permission

Just because a user shares their phone number while completing a signup form doesn’t mean you have permission to bombard them with marketing messages. Consumers must opt-in to receive your communications.

If they opt in to receive the latest offers by text, don’t send texts about your latest news.

2. Do Consider Timing

It may seem obvious, but no one wants to receive a text message in the middle of the night.

3. Do be Personal

Don’t send your messages to everybody if it’s not going to be of interest to everybody.

Remember, using their name can go a long way too.

4. Do Include a CTA

Including a clear call-to-action in any form of marketing is a big must.

Tell your recipients what you want them to do, or else your message has no point at all.

5. Do Keep it Short

Unlike in email marketing, you only have 160 characters per text to work with.

5 Don’ts of Text Message Marketing

1. Don’t Use Slang or Abbreviation

While you only have a short amount of space, you should still avoid being informal in business communication.

Not everybody understands jargon, so don’t risk confusing your customers.

2. Don’t Send too Often

Your frequency will depend greatly on how effective your text message marketing is. How much value does each message bring? Do your messages trigger a response or conversion?

3. Don’t Bulk SendText Message Marketing

Remember, text messaging is considered a personal platform – so it only suits that you send message tailored specifically to the recipient.

4. Don’t Send Without a Reason

If your message is not urgent or time-sensitive, then there really isn’t any need to send it.

5. Don’t Forget to Let Them Know It’s You

It’s important you introduce yourself. Ensure your recipients know who is texting them to ensure brand recognition. Once you identify yourself, your message becomes relevant.


Every marketing campaign is unique to the business running it. So if you think text message marketing is for you, then stick to our dos and don’t and give it a go.

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