4 Steps to Plan an Influencer CampaignPlan an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re a beginner to influencer marketing or you’re experienced in the field but looking for some guidance to keep on track, here is our simple step-by-step guide to plan an influencer marketing campaign.

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How to Plan an Influencer Marketing Campaign

1. Set Your Objectives

Just like with any campaign, the first thing you need to understand is what it is you want to achieve? First understand your goals and objectives to keep your campaign focused and relevant to your business.

This first step is crucial for your whole influencer marketing campaign to be successful – keep your objectives realistic, achievable and measurable for the best results.

2. Decide Who You’re Going to Target

Without an understanding of your target market, you cannot design an influencer marketing campaign that gets your business rewarding results.

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3. Design a BriefPlan an Influencer Marketing Campaign

There are a few fundamental components your business needs to agree upon …

  • – Your campaign message / the language you want to use
  • – A general time scale for the campaign, including key dates
  • – A budget, which will help you decide which influencers you can afford
  • – Which platforms, remember where your audience spend their time

4. Consider Potential Influencers

You might have some influencers in mind, but if you don’t, there are plenty of ways you can find ones that fit your campaign.

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Compile a list of potential influencers then evaluate each potential partner.

  • – During the evaluation process you will have a lot to consider, including:
  • – Does the influencer target the same audience as you?
  • – Has the influencer partnered with any other brands? Are they competitors of yours?
  • – How have they executed branded content in the past?
  • – Do you want to work with one influencer or several small ones?

What’s Next?

So, your campaign’s planned and your business and chosen influencer/s are ready to get started. What now?

Once the content is live and the campaign has started, continuously check the analytics, your performance and how well you’re meeting objectives. If the goal is to reach a certain amount of engagement, for example, are you on track to achieve the goal?

To enhance your influencer campaign, you might want to consider using paid promotion to boost your visibility.

Follow our plan outlined above and you’ll be on your way to campaign success!