14 Answers to Why Your Landing Page is Not Converting

Landing Page Not Converting

The purpose of a landing page is to create conversions, whether they be leads, sales or calls. So, when your landing page is not converting it’s not doing its job properly. Businesses should use best practises to construct their landing pages to entice potential customers / clients in while engaging them with a well-designed layout. An efficient landing page will increase conversion rates and put people on the buyer’s journey.

You’ve got a landing page. You’ve designed it with compelling content and high-quality visuals. You’ve advertised it through online campaigns. You’ve even generated traffic.

But why is your landing page not converting?

Here are 14 possible reasons why your landing page is failing to convert visitors.

1. You Don’t Know Your Customer

If you don’t know your target audience, your conversion rates will suffer. To write in an appropriate tone specifically for your customer, you need to know who they are and what they want.

Have you ever thought about designing a character, an avatar, with their own story, their own interests and needs? Creating your own business avatar will help you to understand your audience and who your landing page should be engaging. Learn more here: Who is Your Business Avatar?

2. You Didn’t Check Out the Competition

Always do a competitor analysis to discover what your rivals are up to. Then, you can express your advantages over the competition.

Why should your audience choose you? Detail clear, compelling reasons for converting on your landing page.

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3. Your Headline is Vague

Your headline is the first thing visitors see. If it doesn’t make sense, they won’t hang around.

Visitors to your landing page really need to know what’s being asked of them and how they should engage with your content. You’re tasked with engaging your visitors and persuading them to complete a conversion in a small-time frame – so it’s important your clear and to-the-point.

4. You’re Trying to be Too Clever

Don’t let cleverness get in the way of your clarity. Be sure the message on your landing page is clear.

Try to avoid using industry jargon – it all comes back to the perspective of the customer. If your customer reads the first paragraph and has no idea what you’re talking about, then they won’t make a connection with you and they’ll probably exit the page.

5. You Write too Much

Your landing page is not an essay – keep your content short and easy to digest. 

Most of us skim and scan pages. While you might love what your company offers, your landing page is not the place to write every microscopic detail about it.

Try to keep most of your sentences short and snappy. Most consumers like to absorb a lot of information in a short space of time and the best way to do this is to make your content bite sized.

6. You Don’t Explain Your Offer

You might have a great offer that you know your audience will love, but if there is no clear explanation of what the offer is then you’re missing a valuable opportunity.

Your landing page needs to clearly answer, “What’s in it for me?”

Concisely detail the offer and the benefits of it.

7. You’re Not Utilising Bullet Points

On that note, bullet points are excellent to detail your offer and the benefits of it.

Again, we all skim and scan pages. Bullet points can make your landing page more scannable and easier to read.

8. You Don’t Have a Call-to-Action

Draw your visitors to convert.

Landing Page Not Converting

Feature a prominent CTA button to make the intent of your landing page unmissable. The easier you make if for consumers to complete an action the more likely they are to do it.

You CTA should also stimulate an action and instruct visitors to complete a task.

The below CTAs are helpful to trigger a response:

  • – Shop Now
  • – Sign Up
  • – Book Now
  • – Learn More
  • – Request a Demo
  • – Download Free eBook

9. You Don’t Repeat Your CTA and Offer on the Page

You’re supposed to have one CTA per page, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle the same CTA throughout your page at regular intervals. The longer your landing page, the more times you should repeat your CTA. A general principle is to include your CTA and offer at the very top of your landing page and at the very bottom too.

10. You Don’t Create Trust

Building trust is particularly important when marketing online. For instance, if you want visitors to complete a form and share their personal details (like an email address or phone number) then they need to know you’re a legitimate business.

To increase your consumer’s confidence, signals like the below can help:

  • – Include your phone number
  • – Share your location on a map
  • – Feature images of your customers or staff
  • – Upload customer testimonials (including business name)

11. You Ask for Too Much Too Soon

There’s a fine balance between asking for necessary information and personal details from your visitors and being too invasive.

Make sure your form, if you have one, mirrors what you’re offering and the data you’re asking for. Generally speaking, the longer the form the fewer people will complete it.

In fact, one company found that reducing their form from 11 fields down to 4 increased conversions by 120%.

For more information, see: 5 Tips to Create a Successful Signup Form

12. You Don’t Have Images

This particular strategy gets overlooked by many. Featuring relevant visual content (images or video) can help your audience to understand what the offer is. Through visual representation, you can convey messages about your offer to enhance your conversion rates.

13. There Is No White Space

Visuals are great, but you should ensure your landing page has a clean look and feel and does not distract attention away from converting.

Visitors shouldn’t have to break through the over-crowded noise of your page to convert and your design should not obstruct them in doing so.

14. You Are Not Testing

Ignoring the importance of testing your landing page to discover what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t is a big hiccup in the conversion process. Small factors, like the colour of your CTA button or the layout of your page, could impact your conversion rate. But you won’t know what exactly does until you conduct in-depth A/B testing.

How Different Gravy Can Help Drive Conversions from Your Landing Page

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