Instagram Business Accounts; Look at the Master’s at Work

A picture can be worth a thousand words, or in Instagram’s case; a thousand likes.

Visual content can be key to engaging your target market. Especially since 80% of people remember what they see, compared to 20% remembering what they read and 10% what they hear.

Carrying on from my previous blog post, “Making the Most of Instagram for Business”, here’s a look at how brands are effectively gaining their target market on Instagram! Take a leaf out of their book, the below examples have a loyal following on their Instagram accounts with high levels of engagement.

1. Bill’s Restaurant

Using the same branding can really help to make your mark on Instagram. It’ll help make your post’s identifiable, and when users scroll through their feed they’ll recognise your brand.

But promote your name at any chance you get to maximise your exposure.

2. Adidas

Below is an example of a few posts from Adidas’ Instagram account. They posted a sequel of images from their new products; giving followers shots from different angles.

3. Lush Interiors

Lush Interiors shared what their product looks like in a customer’s home.

It gives followers a few ideas for themselves how they can decorate around Lush Interior’s products. They’re encourage consumers to imagine what their product would look like in their own home.

4.  Kylie Cosmetics

Here’s what Kylie Cosmetics production looks like! Give your followers a look behind the curtains; let them see what happens.

5. Sherbet London

Sherbet London like to keep their followers informed. Customers who feel invested in your company, because you’ve humanized your brand, are more likely to remain loyal customers.

6. New Look

New Look included Instagram in their digital marketing campaign to raise awareness of their new competition. Reward your followers with the chance to win something in exchange for their loyalty to your Instagram account.

The Bottom Line

There are no written rules to how you advertise on Instagram. But the examples above are common practises that work and get results. Experiment and see what works; maybe running competitions is not appropriate to your field, but behind the scene snapshots of product may be.