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In yesterday’s blog post, we discussed the importance of heatmaps and tracking your audience’s behaviour on your website. One tool to do so is Hotjar.

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What is Hotjar?

In a nutshell, Hotjar reveals the online behaviour of visitors to your website. Using a combination of both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you valuable insight on how to improve your user experience and conversion rates.

You can measure and watch user behaviour, so you can have an accurate representation of how visitors interact with your site.

Hotjar’s Analysis Tools

To help you understand how your users are navigating themselves around your site, Hotjar has several fantastic tools you can use …


In yesterday’s blog post we discussed the power of heatmaps – they allow you to see what many visitors to your website care about. It’s a visual representation of user’s clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour, which are powerful indicators of consumer interest and engagement.

Visitor Recordings

Step in to the mind of your visitors – see how they interact.

Visitor recording enables you to record, save and replay each individual visitor’s actions on your website.

They give a detailed and accurate representation of your user experience, since you can individually look at user interactions. Identify your strengths: what do visitors gravitate towards? Notice your weaknesses: what parts of your website pages do visitors tend to ignore?

With this valuable data, you can optimise and alter your website accordingly. Upon improving your site, you can analyse your latest recordings and look for improved visitor interactions.

Hotjar Conversion Funnels

Where are your visitors exiting your website? If visitors are leaving your website failing to convert, then you need to know exactly why this is the case.

Conversion funnels are one of the most beneficial tools to gain valuable insight – Companies whose conversion rates improved last year are conducting 50% more A/B tests and 47% are using more methods to improve conversion.

Knowing where visitors leave your site is crucial – perhaps you don’t have enough clear CTA’s (calls-to-action), maybe you aren’t delivering the right brand message, or your web design is unattractive. The key to knowing where you’re going wrong, so you can improve, is knowing where visitors tend to lose interest and exit your site.

Form Analysis

If your website features forms, you’ll need to know:

  • – Which fields are taking too long to complete?
  • – Why are visitors exiting your form?
  • – Where are they dropping off?

Hotjar’s Form Analysis tools gives you all the data you need to improve the layout and content of your form, so you can maximise completion rates.

Feedback Polls

As you’ll know from our previous blog post, “7 Benefits of Online Reviews, understanding what your visitors think is vital to improving / maintaining the reputation of your business.

Target questions anywhere on your website and mobile site to find out customer opinions.

For example, maybe ask users why are not completing a signup form or ask them why they do not want to make an enquiry.

Incoming Feedback

Closely related to Hotjar’s Feedback Polls tool, is their Incoming Feedback tool.

This feature allows you to instantly ask customers for visual feedback on your website or app. In our previous blog post, “Where to Collect Online Reviews” your website is one of the key places to collect online reviews.


Surveys are a fantastic way to know your audience better – Hotjar can assist you in building your own responsive surveys using their easy editor.

You can encourage visitors to complete your surveys through a variety of methods:

  • – Web links
  • – Email
  • – Via invitation before they abandon your site

Recruit Test Users

Customers can offer valuable suggestions to improve your website. Recruit the most suitable people to help you and offer a small gift as an incentive.

For example, you could feature a pop-up message on your website labelled, “Help us improve our site and receive a discount code for 20% your next purchase!”

The Benefits of Hotjar

  • – Unlimited users
  • – Multi-device support – features are tracked on your desktop, mobile and tablet versions of your website
  • – Installation is super quick and hassle free
  • – Target visitors using URLs, device or custom java script triggers
  • – Enjoy unlimited responses on feedback tools
  • – Determine when feedback widgets should show such as on-exit intent or custom delay
  • – Feedback tools are readily localised in 40+ languages
  • – Export responses so you can share and review them with colleagues and clients
  • – Exclude tracking yourself, your team or your clients by blocking IP addresses

Wrapping it Up

Hotjar has everything you need all under one roof. It’s an all-in-one analytics tool, with qualitative and quantitative data, that helps you fully understand how your visitors interact on your site. If you have any questions about Hotjar, you can ask us in the comment section.

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