Messenger Chatbots Are the Future: Agree?Messenger Chatbots

Today, conversations can be automated and there’s no need to have people on-hand constantly to help consumers.  But, just a few years ago, the idea of having a robot help a consumer seemed ridiculous. It’s only in the past few years we have only just recognised the power of messenger chatbots and what they can do to help businesses.

What Are Messenger Chatbots?

There’s often some confusion about what a chatbot actually is. Sometimes they’re mistaken for virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. There is a similarity in technology, but virtual assistants are there to offer a helping hand whereas, messenger chatbots aid businesses by completing certain tasks.

Usually fuelled by artificial intelligence or programming, messenger chatbots provide instant customer service, they can take help businesses perform specific tasks and help them meet their objectives.

The Power of Using Messenger chatbots for Business

Did you know that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human?

Why? Because they enhance the customer experience. They give businesses a modern edge by offering instant interaction 24/7 and assisting businesses to meet their goals.

3 Reasons Messenger chatbots Are the Future

1. They Eliminate the Need for AppsMessenger Chatbots

Did you know mobile users spend 80% of time in just five apps? Are you confident your app will be one of the five?

We regularly switch between numerous apps to complete tasks and find information. Not only is it time consuming – but it’s not convenient to be switching from one app to another.

There’s app for pretty much everything. Whilst its great to have so much information at our finger tips, our devices become cluttered and cramped.

Whether its Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat, bots can be implemented within these apps to solve our clutter problem.

Chatbots eliminate the need for separate apps – messenger, for example, is inclusive where consumers can find all the information they seek.

How much easier is it to make a table reservation, check the weather or find a company contact details when it’s all in one app?

Messenger Chatbots2. They’re Constantly Learning and Improving

Communicating with a chatbot should be the same as talking to a human who knows everything.

Admittedly some bots have a way to go before they can replicate human conversations – but they’re advancing all the time.

Bots take a lot of tweaking and improving – since they use conversation flow chats to communicate with the consumer, the chart needs to be optimised on an on-going basis.

3. They Cater for Consumer Behaviour

Consumers want information right away. All they want is a quick way for their problem to be answered. If you email a company, for example, it can take around 5 businesses days to receive a response.

But thanks to messenger chatbots, consumers can find solutions to their problems in an instant.

Bring Your Own Chatbot to Life

Bots are the future for your business. The ultimate goal of a chatbot it to give a service that consumers will actively use. They provide a solution when your consumers most need it.

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