Beginner’s Guide to Backlink Opportunities

If you run a website, you should know how important backlinks are. It’s not that hard to find backlink opportunities – you just need to know where to look.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are formed when one site links to another. Backlinks are external links to your website, they show a transition from one website to another or from one webpage to another.

Why Are Backlinks Important?Backlink Opportunities

Link building is a crucial part of your SEO strategy.

Each backlink you earn is part of a ranking puzzle. Backlinks to your website act as signals to search engines that other websites vouch for your content.

They’re crucial for SEO because they indicate to search engines that your website is valuable, trust-worthy and that your content is worth linking to. As a result, backlinks can positively impact your ranking on SERPs, which can boost your organic website traffic, conversions and ROI.

How to Find Backlink Opportunities

1. Build Internal Links

Internal link building is a key factor of running a successful website. They pass link juice, which also helps your web visitors to navigate through your website and better their user experience.

If you regularly produce blog content, for example, then find helpful ways to link one blog to another. If your latest blog covers the benefits of SEO, then consider linking to one of your previous blog posts that details what SEO is.

2. Get Your Content Seen

Let the links come to you.

You’re missing out on backlink opportunities if you don’t promote your content. Share your content on social media, through newsletters and get the world out about your best articles.

3. Be a Guest Blogger

Reach new audiences and boost your SEO at the same time.

Reach out to other popular websites and ask to be a guest blogger. Create relationships, expand your audience and give your website valuable backlinks.

Not all websites expect guest bloggers, so cut your work load in half by finding websites who you know already accept them:

In your Google search bar, try typing something like:

  • – Your keyword + guest post
  • – Your keyword + guest post opportunities
  • – Your keyword + guest bloggers wanted / needed
  • – Your keyword + become a contributor

For more information on finding guest blogging opportunities, take a look at our previous blog post – Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging

4. Check Out the Competition

Your competitors are looking for the same organic traffic as you.

Take a look at how they find backlink opportunities and pinch their best methods.

Subscribe to their email newsletter, follow them on social media or create a Google Alert so you never miss a new piece of their content. This will help you to improve your understanding of how they promote their website and how they boost their SEO.

Try sites like SEMrush  to see who your competitors are linking to so you can find new link building opportunities.

5. Look for Broken LinksBacklink Opportunities

This popular technique involves reporting to websites that they have a broken link on their site and recommending your website replaces the link. They’ll be grateful you found their broken link, and the chances of them taking up your offer to replace the link is rather high.

Again, SEMrush is an excellent tool to help you find broken links. Run analyses on websites you’d like to link to you, and SEMrush will show you if there are any broken links.

Or, try the Google Chrome extension Check My Links.

While this method can be effective, it can take some time to find broken links.


There are endless ways you can find backlink opportunities, but hopefully our 5 methods give you the right framework to get started.

Finding backlink opportunities isn’t a quick process and you might find it challenging. But with our recommended methods and resources you should be able to find some excellent