Facebook Ads; Letting You Target Your AudienceFacebook Ads - Refining Your Market

No matter who they are, your audience are likely to be on Facebook. With over 2.2 billion active users every month, Facebook ads are a very effective way to get your brand right in front of your audience.

Your audience won’t be every single user, but with Facebook’s incredible audience selection tools you’ll be able to reach the right people.

Who Is Your Audience?

Using what your business already knows about your customers, like their typical demographic and interests, you can connect with others who are like them. You may find it beneficial to create your own business avatar to further your understanding of your audience, find out more in our previous blog post, “Who is Your Business Avatar?”

It’s crucial to know who your audience is so you can actually target them. With so many people using Facebook, it’s important you’re only spending money on ads that they will reach those who are potentially interested in what you offer.

In this article, we will be exploring the three different options you have for targeting your audience; core, customer and lookalike.

1. Core Audiences

Reach your audience based on their…

  • – Demographic; age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles and much more
  • – Location; reach those in the areas where you want to conduct business by creating a radius around a destination
  • – Interests; target based on hobbies, entertainment preferences and a lot more
  • – Behaviours; including their purchasing habits, device usages and different activities

Core audiences are a great example of why you need to know your audience and do your research; how are you supposed to know your market’s age bracket if you haven’t looked at statistics?

2. Custom Audiences

You may want to target those who you are already connected to. Perhaps your business isn’t looking for new customers; but you want to improve relationships and drive sales with current and previous clients.

These people have been engaged or interested in your brand before; so, it’s time to push their interest into an action!

Through custom audiences; you can choose to target …Facebook Ads - Target on Location

  • – Loyal customers; advertise to your existing consumers to push further sales
  • – Site Visitors; you already know those who have visited your site must be interested in your brand – target them to trigger their interest again
  • – Mobile users; if you have a mobile app, you can target those who are already using it
  • – Engagement; possibly target people who have visited your Facebook Page, engaged with your posts or clicked on your call-to-action button

Customer audiences arguably have the most potential to a call-to-action (CTA). They’ve already shown some interest in discovering more about your business; all you need to do is fuel their interest.

3. Lookalike Audiences

Facebook will help you to find people who are similar to your customers or contacts to create your target audience. Using your insights from marketing on Facebook, you will be able to increase the possibility of reaching people who could become future customers.

Lookalike audiences are highly likely to convert since those who are similar to them have done in the past.

You already know who your customers are; Facebook can use that information to determine who else is apart of your target market. For example, identifying people who have similar interests to your existing audience will help you expand your viewers, leads and conversions.

Refining Your Target Audience

Your audience could be millions of Facebook users. Which is great if you have a massive social media marketing budget. If you’re a new or start-up business, you should refine your market and make it more exact.

Getting to know your customers is the first crucial step to Facebook advertising. To learn about the different styles of Facebook ads, head over to our recent blog post, “All About the Styles of Facebook Ads”

As we have already established, Facebook is one of the largest opportunity for businesses to use paid ads. But, paid ads without targeting your audience is just burning money. Hopefully our article has given you a good indication on the different types of advertising.

Hopefully this gives you more indication on the different types of advertising, if you want some specialist advise speak to us!

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