Top Tips for Social ListeningSocial Listening

In this article, we will be offering our best advice and top tips for social listening, so you can get the most out of your efforts.

Social media has become a crucial asset for businesses to keep tabs of their online reputation and a useful source for brands to develop their marketing strategies. More now than ever, utilising the power of social media is a must for businesses all shapes and sizes.

Social listening is just one of the marketing strategies businesses should be implementing to better their brand. To learn the basics of social listening, check out our previous blog post:

Our Best 4 Tips for Social Listening

1. Gather Content Inspiration

If you run a blog that publishes new posts regularly, you’ll know that coming up with new content can be challenging. Social listening can help, take inspiration from other blogs, look at what’s trending and see what topics your audience are currently interested in.

Furthermore, look at what your audience are talking about, so you can produce content that will enable you to jump into the conversation.

2. Find Where People are Talking About You

It’s not all about what they’re saying, but where they’re saying it.

For example, if Twitter is the social platform where you find the most mentions, then dedicate more of your social media marketing time and budget to Twitter.  It’ll help you build a relevant strategy for you to reach your target market through both organic posting and paid advertising.

Social Listening3. Consider It A Learning Curve

While you don’t want to be a copy cat – there’s nothing wrong with using social listening to pinch an idea or two from your competitors. Look at the content they’re distributing, what your audience think of them and what they’re generally up to.

Learn from their mistakes or take on board how a campaign they run was successful and use the information to better your own future campaigns.

4. Take on Board Opinions

There could be a product fault you don’t know about, for example, that needs to be immediately addressed. Use all the information you gather to gain real insights into what your target audience think, what they like and what gets them talking.

Quick Tips for Social ListeningSocial Listening

  • – Keep an eye on trending topics
  • – Look at what content is capturing your audience’s attention
  • – Be on constant look out for new keywords and phrases to listen to
  • – Keep listening, even if you think you have enough to go on
  • – Learn from your mistakes and modify your current and future strategies

Most important, understand the WHY behind the comment. It’s how you use the information that’s crucial.

With the help of our tips for social listening, you can create exciting marketing materials based on your customer’s thoughts and opinions.

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