Apps For Instagram To Grow Your Audience

With 200 million monthly active users, it’s not enough for businesses to solely rely on basic filters and tools available directly within the Instagram app. There are plenty of apps for Instagram that can help you edit your photos, gain followers, find the best hashtags and schedule your posts. But with so many out there, a lot of the tools are not as helpful as you might think.

To help you make the most out of the social media platform, we have compiled a list of the best apps for Instagram. The below tools will help you to stand out from competitors, make your content more memorable and assist you in meeting your business goals and objectives.

Photo Editing: Top Instagram Apps

1. VSCOApps for Instagram

Available on both Android and iOS, VSCO offers filters for your images.

With plenty of editing tools like customised sharper, brightness / contrast, saturation and grain, you can tweak your photos, so they make the most impact on your audience.

While a lot of the features offered by VSCO are available within the Instagram app, the quality and professionalism are a lot better.

The app is free on mobile, you can learn more here.

Apps similar to VSCO include:

2. Snapseed: free (android and iOS)

3. Pixlr: free (android and iOS)

3. Litely: free (iOS)

Tracking Followers: Top Instagram Apps

1. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram is available for both Android and iOS users, and it’s free!

Offering accurate analytics about your followers, you can …

  • – Track new followers
  • – Track unfollowers
  • – Track users who don’t follow you back
  • – Track users that you don’t follow back

Use the data to understand why accounts may unfollow you, to strengthen relationships and see what style of content keeps your followers happy.

For example, you might discover posting too regularly causing an influx in unfollows.

Apps similar to Followers Track for Instagram include:

2. Crowdfire: free (iOS)

3. Followers for Instagram: free (iOS and android)

Hashtags: Top Instagram AppsApps for Instagram

1. InstaTag

The use of hashtags is paramount to extend your audience reach on Instagram. Use Instatag to select hashtags based on specific categories (like food and fashion) to tag your images with the most popular and relevant hashtags.

Get the app for free on Android devices.

2. Hot Hashtags

With a unique algorithm for calculating the most popular of all the hashtags, Hot Hashtags provides categories of the most useful hashtags for you to choose. Or, make a customised series of hashtags you favour for personal categories and save for repeated use.

All you need to do is copy and paste when you are going to make a new post.

Available on both iOS and Android free of charge.

Post Scheduling: Top Instagram Apps

1. BufferApps for Instagram

Buffer is designed to manage your social media accounts, including Instagram, by providing you with the means to schedule your posts.

Schedule posts on desktop or mobile to your Instagram business page and Buffer will automatically publish for you at your preferred time. It’s the perfect way to keep organised and time efficient.

2. Hootsuite

Save time and keep on-top of Instagram by easily scheduling and publishing images directly from the Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app. Schedule and plan your posts in advance and measure their performance.

Analytics: Top Instagram Apps

Both Buffer and Hootsuite offer analytics within their app, where you can monitor your performance, measure your reach and keep an eye on impressions?

But which is better? Decide for yourself – Social Management Head-to-Head: Buffer VS Hootsuite

Try and test our recommended apps for Instagram and see which work for you.

Hope we’ve made Your #InstaLife a lot #Simpler!

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