Seasonal Content

Beginner’s Guide to Seasonal Content Websites are in a constant war for search result rankings, traffic, leads, sales and ROI. All of us are always thinking of news ways to produce innovative content, whether it be through blogs, tutorials or step-by-step guides, businesses need to avoid falling into a rut with unoriginal content. As a business, it’s important you constantly keep on top of the latest industry trends and the creative ways you can engage

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Thin Content

Why is Thin Content Bad for SEO? Back in 2011 Google introduced an update named Google Panda - which decreases the ranking of websites due to the low-quality of their content. ‘Thin’ content defeats Google’s objective to provide valuable, rich information to users - so websites with thin content are penalised on search results. Those with useful and relevant content are given better rankings. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at what thin content actually

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How to Use BuzzSumo

Beginner’s Guide to BuzzSumo BuzzSumo can enhance your marketing strategy to help you create excellent quality content. The marketing world is so busy - new content is published constantly and it can sometimes be hard to know what your next step should be. Lucky for us there are some excellent tools out there to improve our content marketing strategy, with leading tools like BuzzSumo. What is BuzzSumo? It’s a research and monitoring tool, with fantastic

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Google Keyword Planner

There are so many different ways businesses can conduct keyword research, ranging from free tools with average capabilities to expensive complex solutions. Among the many keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner. Accessing Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner is intended to be used in conjunction with Google AdWords, so it’s mainly used for businesses looking to conduct keyword research for their PPC campaigns. - If you have an AdWords account - access it here

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Medium for Business

How to Use Medium for Business Successful blogging is about more than just producing high-quality content. Part of the key to success is promoting the content to maximise discovery. Your website is only one place your audience might discover your content, but there are actually great free blogging platforms where you can share your content for a wider audience to see. One of which is Medium. If you regularly read blog posts then you’ll have

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Blogging Experience

An Honest Reflection of Our Blogging Experience With any marketing method it’s always good to reflect on what you’ve done, what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved so far. We’ve spent a lot of time building our blog, so we thought it was about time we shed some light on our blogging experience. For anyone who is hesitant about building a business blog, here’s how it has benefited us in under a year. How Often

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How to Pitch a Guest Post In this article, we will be sharing our best tips to pitch a guest post. Content marketing has exploded over recent years, so much so that guest blogging is fast becoming a popular trend for businesses to raise their awareness, build relationship, better SEO and reach their target market. But with the rising trend comes rising competition. With so many businesses wanting guest blogging opportunities, it’s becoming harder to

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Guest Blogging Opportunities

4 Top Tips for Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities The most challenging part of guest blogging is identifying websites to feature your content. You don’t want to fall at the very first hurdle - finding guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging usually doesn’t involve exchanging money for content. What it offers is much more rewarding in the long run - increased exposure, better conversions, more credibility and long-lasting relationships. Guest blogging is a marketing opportunity, to maximise

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Guest Blogging

Getting Started with Guest Blogging We’ve already discussed the power of blogging for business, but blogging for websites apart from your own can be another way to build authority within your industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, guest blogging can help your business grow in a number of ways. In this article, we will be explaining what exactly guest blogging is and the benefits that come along with

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Getting Started with Content Marketing It doesn’t matter who you’re marketing to, whether it be to consumers, B2C, or businesses, B2B, an effective way to   boost your traffic, leads and conversions is through content marketing. What is Content Marketing? It’s the creation and sharing of online material; that doesn’t directly promote a brand but is shared to push interest in a business’ products and services. The below generally falls under content marketing; - Blog posts

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