How Does Wi-Fi Marketing Work?Wi-Fi Marketing

What if you could provide your customers with a memorable experience of your brand with irresistible incentives for them? With social Wi-Fi, you can implement Wi-Fi marketing to engage with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Wi-Fi marketing allows businesses to greatly improve their ability to connect with their customers. It’s one of the most effective ways to advertise in real time and to deliver marketing messages at the optimal opportunity.

Think of it as way to enhance mobile engagement with customers. When consumers login to your network, the data that is collected (with their permission) can be leveraged to deliver targeted messages and discounts that further brand loyalty.

Today, if a restaurant, shop, hotel, hub or any other venue doesn’t offer their guests free access to the internet, they’re losing customers to a competitor that does. Worse, the business is also losing the chance to use the many marketing opportunities that Wi-Fi marketing offers.

Wi-Fi MarketingHow to Use Wi-Fi Marketing to Engage Customers

Extend a Friendly Welcome

Just like a heart handshake or a warm smile from a host puts guests at ease, Wi-Fi can make customers feel comfortable in a venue. Think of it as a nice greeting for visitors, most people expect free Wi-Fi to be available at more venues so you’re simply fulfilling their expectations.

Customers who feel welcomed are much more likely to come back! Engagement is 80% driven by quality, so if you’re offering an excellent service with free Wi-Fi then they’re much more likely to pay attention to your marketing messages.

Touch Base with Customers Who Haven’t Visited in a While

If a customer hasn’t visited your venue with in a certain time frame, like a month, your Wi-Fi marketing software can send them targeted messages, offers or a newsletter to encourage their return.

Offer Live Promotions

Get visitors at your venue to stay for longer. Issue offers and share upcoming events to guests whilst they are at your venue. Encourage them to return by sharing discounts on their next visit, live drink promotions and food offers.


Wi-Fi marketing allows the relationship between the business and consumers to grow. It gives brick-and-mortar businesses the ability to target their customers and analyse their behaviour just like any online business can.

With careful planning, Wi-Fi marketing can drastically improve how influential a business is on their customers.

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