Why You Should Be Using PPC Reporting Software

Reporting on PPC campaigns can be a lengthy task for many businesses. You may visit your Google Ads account with a certain intention (like looking at your ad spend) but quickly become lost in the plethora of metrics and end up stuck looking at the wrong data, wasting important time.

Spreadsheets can be great for reporting. Particularly for tracking basic metrics and return on investment. But as your PPC campaigns grow and become more complex, you will probably find that your business requires a more robust form of gathering and analysing data.

Updating your spreadsheets monthly, weekly and / or daily can be a time-consuming task with the possibility of human error. With a business to run, reporting on PPC campaigns the long way can use up a huge amount of your valuable time.

That’s where the ease of PPC reporting software comes in, saving your business a stack of time and producing professional reports at a moment’s notice.

Do You Understand the PPC Lingo?

You might know what PPC stands for (pay-per-click) but do you know CPC and CPL mean? Do you know the difference between conversion, impression and invalid click?

Understanding the terms is crucial for PPC reporting. Until you’re familiar with the basic definitions, then you will struggle to understand your own performance: The Basic PPC Definitions Explained

What’s a PPC Report?

A PPC report tells the story of your data, key points typically include:

  • – Ad Impressions
  • – Clicks: the number of times your ad has been clicked on
  • – Click-through-rate (CTR): the percentage of unique clicks divided by the number of impressions
  • – Average position: the average ranking your ads achieve on search engine results
  • – Average cost-per-click (CPC): the average amount each click to your landing page has cost
  • – Cost: the overall cost of the PPC campaign
  • – Conversion rate: the percentage of landing page visitors who complete the target action
  • – Cost per conversion:  how much it costs to obtain a complete conversion

Want an Expert to Look Over Your PPC Reports?

A fresh pair of eyes looking over your campaign will work wonders. For fresh insights on how to improve your Google Ads metrics, contact Different Gravy Digital for a free, no obligation consultation:

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PPC Reporting Software

Good reporting software will give you a complete and digestible performance review.

Software takes the stress out of reporting – by pulling data from your accounts and delivering it usually in a dashboard.

PPC Reporting software is used to collect, store, analyse and provide access to metrics in order to help businesses make more informed decisions about their campaigns.

The Benefits of Using Reporting Software

1. To Gain Insight with One Click

PPC reporting software delivers the most important metrics of your campaign and presents the data in a digestible format.

Usually the software reviews the most important aspects of the campaign and delivers the data in visually stimulating, easy to read reports. So, businesses can easily interpret the performance of their paid campaigns and monitor their success over time.

2. Time Saving

No matter how skilled at numbers you are, it can be a lengthy process to export and organise data. Having reporting software that automates your results daily reduces a lot of time spent digesting results.

3. Ensuring Accuracy

Gone are the days where advertisers needed to copy and paste their data into excel spreadsheets. It’s very easy to make a simple mistake, like copy and pasting the wrong number, which can throw the campaign’s results entirely off balance. Reporting software can eliminate the possibility of human error that is likely in standard reporting practises.

4. Highlighting Potential Problems Before It’s Too Late

PPC reporting software can be used as a preventative measure to avoid campaigns going down the wrong rabbit hole. The real-time nature of reporting software means that advertisers can quickly identify any issues with their campaigns and monitor their return-on-investment (ROI).

4. Uncovering Trending Data

Easy access to insightful analytics means advertisers can uncover trends, patterns and opportunities to help them set better goals and objectives based on their past performance.

For example, if they notice a campaign is generating a good return on investment, they may want to consider upping the budget to increase it even further.

The Expensive Nature of PPC Reporting Software

PPC reporting tools can often be expensive and are not valuable unless you know how to review the data and use the metrics to improve future campaigns.

That’s where PPC Agencies come in – not only are they experts in handling campaigns – they have access to the latest reporting software.  Sure, there is free PPC reporting software, but hiring an Agency gives you access to the top reports without the subscription charge.

As a business, you’re far better hiring a dedicated PPC agency and utilising the tools they have on hand than investing in the tools yourself.

Why You Should Use a PPC Agency

Do you …

  • – Know what to do with your PPC reports?
  • – Can you understand the software and the data?
  • – Do you know how to improve your metrics?

Many businesses gather their data and pay attention to the return on investment – but far fewer take the time to analyse and review the report. One of the reasons why is because they don’t understand the story that the reports are telling.

How Different Gravy Digital Can Help

Generating reports, setting up tracking, monitoring budgets and campaigns (all while trying to grow your business) can be challenging.

Leave your PPC campaigns and reporting to us!

Different Gravy are experts in creating successful PPC campaigns for our clients, and we can use our experience to do the same for you. We will research and manage and report on your campaigns, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking to get started with Google Ads or you want to optimise an existing campaign, we would love to hear from you.

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